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Thread: Why are "E" values so much lower than "S"?

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    Why are "E" values so much lower than "S"?

    When looking for '69-73 911s, I quickly realized that S models were out of range, and I was relegated to T and E models. I bought an E for about the same price comparable Ts were going for.

    I looked up the specs, and E models outperform S models from 0-100 (!), and they are even rarer than the S! Yet the S sells for twice the price of the E, which is about the same price as a T.

    Am I missing something, or is the advantage of the S only apparent at extremely flat-out race tracks? For this they cost twice as much? What is your explanation for today's values? S owners...why did you pass on the E?

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    Keep quiet about the Es.......we know they are great cars and because they are not 'top' of the range they are less expensive.

    Lets keep it that way.....

    Ok seriously.

    The S were the top of the range cars, the best and at the time the advantages of the S were useable in realistic terms, at least in Europe.

    It's only in more recent times that the high speed advantage of the S has been diminished as current traffic does not allow such speeds to be used.

    Personally I chose an E not only for financial reasons but also on the advice of my shop who felt that in terms of bang for buck the E was better and the advantages of the S were now outweighed by the lower speed performance of the E.

    But to those who want an example of the best car at the time the S is the one which fits the bill, so it has a higher profile, thus greater demand leading to higher prices. If you are restoring a car its an s that gets the attention becuase a T or E costs the same to restore but sslls for less. Thus a quality gap will appear between the S cars and others......
    Also when you have owners like PW who has an imacculate. original pristine etc S you understand why these cars are so highly prized......

    How many comparable Es and Ts are there out there, very few. But you hear and ses a large number of fantastic restored, renovated etc s cars, pushing up the price. Dare I also say that there are those for whom having an S is a badge of pride......regardless of the performance issues....

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    I'll post the same reply as I did to your post on Pelican-

    I think the price difference is overhyped. A no-issues early S might go for say $30,000 while an identical E would still be in the mid 20's. You sure can't buy an E in beautiful condition for $15k. When it comes down to it the E's are very expensive as well for a nice car. They don't have the mystique the S does but most people realize the everyday performance is as good or better as an S. I see the more siginificant drop with the T's.

    If you found a bargain on an E then you were lucky

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    Everything I have read about E's makes them look very desirable to me except maybe the struts. They are every bit as rare as the S. Maybe even moreso, it depnds on the model (Targa, etc.).

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    I think as a daily driver the E is more user friendly and even better for highway use since the engine isnt as peaky.
    I think the value of the S's are so much since it has that mystic and all the special things the E doesnt have.
    Despite this, I think the E's are way overlooked in the market place right now.

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    I'm sure you read my response on need to repeat it here...
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