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Thread: Panasport and Minilite wheels

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    Panasport and Minilite wheels

    Happy St. Paddy's to yawl...

    Another "upgrade" I'm considering for my racer is a set of Panasport or Minilite race wheels.

    As I write, I have not priced - or even checked availablity - of either manufacturer yet... however, my question is this: Has anyone here had any experience fitting a 15x7 wheel on the rear of a narrow body 911? using the 911R spec? Is there such an animal? or am I looking at a cu$$tom made wheel here? I understand - via their respective websites - that 15x6.5 is a "common" application...however I was looking towards running a 225/50 tire on the rear. I currently run 205/50s all the way around...

    I'm just angling for a more "european, period" look...I can always stick with my 15x6 Fuch Alloys, and the current tire setup, if all else fails.

    anyone? comments? suggestions? Looking forward to the input.
    Thanks guys

    Thom Kuby

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    I have 15 x 7 rears (and fronts), but the tire is the problem, not the wheel. I had to roll my fenders to prevent rubbing on the tires (205's), although I now have more negative camber and things are better. I don't think the wider wheels will really affect the clearance, unless you can change the offset (as happens with the R wheel).
    David Schultz
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    lovin the minilites...

    earlier pelican thread with pics.

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    I'd love to see some panasport type wheels on my car too. there was some talk a/b this a/b a year ago over on pelican. CamB down in NZ gave a link of a co that makes minilite/panasport wheels style wheels down there and the prices were great due to exchange rate. but who knows how much the shipping would be.

    try this link

    also, I too have the 7's on the rear and I don't have the R fitment. 205-50-15 tires and I still gotta tiny bit of rub. next step is to roll the lip a bit.

    keep us informed. I think I recall panasport won't do the 911 wheel, they run a/b $200 per wheel (got 'em on my 2002tii)

    paul schuster

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    Hello - I'm fairly new here, but do have a bit of info on this topic.
    Panasport has a 7x15 x 55 mm offset wheel for a 911. Its their ultra light race wheel. 10.5 lbs. Very similar in appearance to the 8 spoke mini-lites. $230.00 each.
    I did a lot of research with the local distributor here in Denver, but haven't actually bought them.

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    Joe (et al)

    Know if this wheel will fit under a swb stock rear fender? or will some tweaking be needed? also, does anyone here have the true dimensions of the original 911R wheel - for reference? The way things are looking for me now, running a set of 15x7 pano/minilites on the rear only, w/15x6 fuchs on the front, appears to be the path of lea$$t resistance...and this ain't all bad, since this mix of wheels seems to have been the norm way back when...again, what I'm trying to do is fit 225/50/15 race tires on the rear, while maintaining the current 205/50/15 tire size on the front. I guess beyond the old "baseball bat trick", I really don't want to get into any fender mods...

    anyone? did anyone watch sebring? how bout them Alex Job boys, eh?

    Thom Kuby

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    Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to your question. It seems that each early car is somewhat unique in its ability to accomodate rear wheel/tire combinations larger than 205's on 6" rims.
    Below is a quote from a Pelican BBS discussion on this same topic. The quote is from Randy Wells who also frequents this board and has offered the most specific information I've seen on this topic.
    Keep in mind, the discussion quoted is for 69-73 cars, with slightly flared wheel arches. I haven't seen any discussion with respect to pre-69 cars, other than Randy's warning that they are "even tighter." The 911R wheels are 49mm offset. The Panasports are 55mm, so you would need to add +6 mm to the quoted spacer sizes.

    Hopefully Randy will not mind my quoting him here:

    "For a 215 size tire fitted to the rear on a 911R (early 7x15) Fuchs, you will need to add a 10mm spacer and a 10mm longer studs (55mm). Suspension mods are limited to excellent shocks and sway bars and not lowering the car too much.

    For a 225 size tire fitted to the rear on a 911R wheel, you will need 17mm of spacer and 17mm longer studs, along with HD shocks, uprated sway and torsion bar, at least 1 degree of negative camber, shaving the spring plate bolt and possible rolling the fender lips. This is for a 69-73 911. The SWB early 911 is even tighter. The 72 model needs the wire that runs along the inner fender remounted and the clasp flattened. All these necessary mods are car dependent as they varied quite a bit back then. I use the R wheel for competition in my 72S, but for traveling I use the late 6x15 Fuchs, as it is easier to dismount the tire from this rim."

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    Where can I see a pic of these 10.5 lb Panasport wheels?

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    Randy et al
    Sorry, been out of touch for a while.
    Check the link below.
    Its the Ultralight wheel.


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    Hi Joe, those are cool wheels. I have alot of experience with minilights, but have never run the panosports. Currently, I have 15x8 mini's with RS backspacing running a 225 tire. Drop me a line if I can help anyone with measurements etc.

    R # 291

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