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Thread: The rarest version of the Carrera RS?

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    The rarest version of the Carrera RS?

    I was having a discussion with a friend and fellow Early S Reg. member over the weekend and he asked me if I had ever seen an RSH (RS Homologation) version either for sale or display. I said the only one I have ever heard of for sale is a third series car (1470) offered by Dr. Konradsheim, which is on his site now. He does not list a price for the car. Has anyone seen one for sale or display?

    Checking the RS book, Dr. K says there were 17 RSH cars that weren't converted to M471 or M472 versions. I counted them in the chassis record and came up with only 16. I did that by looking at the column marked "Conversion" that has a 0. If that is the case they are more rare than even the 17 RHD lightweight cars. Of those 16 or 17 RSH cars I wonder how many actually stayed in the spartan homolgation trim. Not many I'll bet.

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    Brian...can you list the full numbers of these cars? Are they sequential?
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    I do not think any stayed in complete H form with the 6" wheels ect. I have talked with the Doc on the car you are talking about and it being a third seies car is really strange as it was not a homoligation car. In other words it was built one time not twice as the first two series of homiligation cars were built. So someone had to order that car special for it to be built in the H form after the cars were homoligated. That car would also have the standard not light sheetmetal. I do not want to say it could be an error but perhaps the records are wrong to have a homoligation car built after there was no need for one. Again I guess it could have been a special customer request.Today the car in question has all the parts that have it look like any other RS.

    The other cars that were delivered in Homoligation form most likely became race cars when new (my theory) so the slightly lighter weight, lower cost and narrow wheels (which were changed anyway) made sense. I doubt there are any original H cars still running around Europe in that form.

    The most rare and most desireable to me would be any of the Prototype cars. I understand one has recently been discovered and is being lightly restored. Great find.



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    The chassis #'s are:

    1,2) 0019, 0020 (both company owned and ordered with auxiliary heater and roll bar)

    3) 0092 (company owned with a Frankfurt Blaupunkt)

    4) 0242 (West Germany, no options)

    5) 0508 (company owned, no options)

    6) 0521 (company owned, no options)

    7) 0550 (company owned, no options)

    8) 0909 (West Germany, built-in door lock trim?)

    9) 0935 (Austria, no options)

    10) 1256 (West Germany, no options)

    11) 1382 (Holland, no options)

    12) 1387 (Holland, no options)

    13) 1429 (West Germany, no options)

    14) 1430 (Belgium, no options)

    15) 1470 (West Germany, limited slip diff.)

    16) 1555 (West Germany, limited slip diff.)


    I totally agree with regard to the third series H cars. They must have been some sort of special order car. I too would suspect that no unmolested RSH exists because of the temptation to modify it for racing in some form. Who knows maybe we will see these turn up in the Registry. BTW thanks again for taking the lead in this. It will certainly be a fun and interesting project going forward.

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    Unique RS prototype spotted

    pwd72s-- In the November2001 issue of 911 Porsche world Mag., their is a small article about 9113600013 with out a tail in Acrylblauviolett metalic blue that was never used on a production car. Built in May 1972 with oil filler outside, it still has its orignal paint and is shown in the big Carrera RS book in a courtyard with the very same paint. Raspy2point2/R -gruppe#144

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    The Dr. is in

    Do we really care? Is there any legitimate chanch that I'll run across that car in the Auto Trader? That some little ole lady in Pasadena has had it tucked away in her garage for the last 20 years,ever since her hubby died. I think not. I do believe this Thread is to relieve depression, by fixating on the fantasy of finding one of these cars...

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    THanks guys...since I was too cheap to buy the RS book, I love reading info like this.
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    What can you guys tell me about this one?

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    #1470 is for sale at 128,000

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