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Thread: rennsport II PARTY

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    rennsport II PARTY

    as a reminder rennsport 4/23-25 DAYTONA ALE HOUSE

    all members and guest are invited to a party at the daytona ale house on friday the 23th of april from 5 til when ever;let's get a big turn out;i 'll be there with 1 or v2 rs's

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    Frank, do we have to be members to attend? I'll be part of a group of early car drivers there (sorry, no S cars, Es and Ts) and I'm sure we'd like to come by if it is not a problem.
    Tom Morgan
    Charlotte, NC
    '18 Carrera T - R #368, S #692
    1973 Giulia Super 1.3

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    daytona ale house

    everyone is welcome

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    Curt and I will be there along with co-drivers!
    Dave C
    Renn-Spot - Cars & parts For Sale -
    1970 911"S" - Black (originally silver)
    1974 911"S" - Silver
    1973 911"T" - Bahia Red - Now Sold
    10 sec 67 VW
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    Did you guys see this PARTIAL list of cars?

    Model Livery Owner Name / Shop Name Race Notes
    356 # 1 Porsche
    550 Fletcher Aviation Porsche Carrera Pan America
    550 Gary Quast
    550 Spyder Brumos
    904 Joe Buzzetta Le Mans Class Win 1966
    904 - 06 Rowbottom
    904 - 067 Willsey Peter Gregg/George Barber
    906 Tom Stegman
    906 - 01 Klaus
    906 - 119 Brad Hook
    907 Joe Buzzetta
    907 Jerry Seinfeld
    907 Spyder John Schumann
    908 Joe Buzzetta
    908/1 Longtail Factory Collier Collection Spa Winner Redman/Siffert
    908/2 Factory Gunnar
    908/2 Factory Collier Collection
    908/2 Factory Gunnar Nurburgring Winner Redman/Siffert
    908/3 Martini Gregg Galdi
    908/3 Martini Phil Daigrepont
    908/3 Gulf Collier Collection
    910 Mike Amalfitano
    910 Michael Malone
    910 Brumos
    910 Joe Buzzetta
    910 - 023
    911 GT-1 Rohr Matt Drendel Ex Roock Racing, Rohr Racing.
    911 GT2 Evo Champion Matt Drendel
    911 RSR IROC Gary Quast
    911 RSR Egon Everts Gunnar
    911 RSR Martini Targa Florio winner
    911 RSR IROC Catesby Jones
    911 RSR IROC Ash Tisdale
    911 RSR IROC Tom Linton #1
    911 Turbo Carrera Martini Matt Drendel first turbocharged 911
    917/10 Bosch Willi Kauhsen
    917/10 Brumos Brumos
    917/30 Sunoco Matt Drendel
    917K Salzburg (red) Dr. Julio Palmas Le Mans Winner
    917K Salzburg (Blue) Collier Collection
    917K Gulf Jerry Seinfeld Ex Solar Productions
    917K Gulf Gunnar
    917K Gulf Chris McAlister
    924 GTR Carlos de Quesada
    924 GTR Ross Bleustein
    934 Jim Torres
    934 Matt Drendel 2nd 934 built
    934 Jim Oppenheimer
    935 William Bachman
    935 Gary Gauld
    935 Stuart Tetreault
    935 Coca Cola Steve Southard
    935 Brumos Bob Snodgrass
    935 Liqui Moly (Joest) Lloyd Hawkins 1980 Daytona Winner
    935 Brumos Pedro Romero Daytona winner 1978
    935 - 01 Martini Gunnar
    935 K3 Interscope Steve Goldin
    935 K3 William Chadwick
    935 K3 Red Roof Carlos de Quesada 1981 Daytona Winner Redman, Rahal, Garretson
    935 K3 Ken Gold
    935 K3 John Taylor
    935 L-1 Jim Oppenheimer
    935 Long Tail Swap Shop Preston Henn Daytona Winner
    936 Jules Dr. Julio Palmas 1977 Le Mans winner
    944 GTR Carlos de Quesada
    956 Ottocar Jacob
    956 Rothmans Murray Smith
    956 Rothmans Jim Rogers
    956 Iseki Archie Urciuoli
    956 - 001 Rothmans Jim Rogers
    962 Kenwood Jim Torres
    962 Coca Cola Steve Southard
    962 Jaegermeister Bill Hawe
    962 Miller
    962 Brumos
    962 Repsol Lloyd Hawkins
    962 Bayside Disposal Bruce Leven
    962 Rothmans Pedro Romero
    962 Blaupunkt Larry Wilson
    962 Stan Wattles
    962 Budweiser Carlos De Quesada
    962 BF Goodrich Rassim Tugberk
    962 - 004 Porsche AG Rothmans 1985
    962 - 007 Shell/Dunlop Joest Hsu Le Mans 1998
    962 - 008 Shell/Dunlop Joest Hsu Le Mans 1998
    962 - 010 Shell/Dunlop Joest Hsu Le Mans 1998
    962 - 011 Joest Racing Hsu Double Wing car
    962 - 104 Swap Shop Preston Henn Daytona Winner
    962 - 106 BF Goodrich Gunnar
    962 - 107 Torno Mark Mintzer
    962 - 116 Blaupunkt Joest 1986
    966 GT3R Eddie Van Halen Gunnar
    968 Turbo Lloyd Hawkins
    Abarth Carrera Tommy Trabue
    America Roadster Porsche
    Gmund Coup Silver Jerry Seinfeld
    GT1 Gunnar
    GT1 Joest Porsche Le Mans winner 1998
    RS 61 Brumos
    RS 61 Thomas Claridge
    RSK Prescott Kelly
    RSK Collier Collection

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    Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!
    Look at all of those 917s!
    And yet some of you Turkeys are going to Hershey instead!
    Renn-Spot - Cars & parts For Sale -
    1970 911"S" - Black (originally silver)
    1974 911"S" - Silver
    1973 911"T" - Bahia Red - Now Sold
    10 sec 67 VW
    Early "S" Registry #439

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    i see 4 of my old cars are going to be there;917,935,2 962's;it must be a reuion

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    These are just the BIG cars. My lowly RS and Rallye car must be on the secnd or third tier of cars! Notice the 911 R did not even make that list. Going to be some party.



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    Yeah Don, when the R's and RS's don't even make the list you know it's a show! Can't wait to see your rally car.

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    Do you still have the 906L? I didn't see it listed. I was reading an Excellence from 6/92 yesterday and there is an article about the 906 and yours was shown being driven through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca.

    Speaking of the 906, did you see the latest Sportscar Market mag.? It features a 906 that sold at auction last summer for $156.5K. Is that car the real thing? If so that was a steal.

    R Gruppe #299

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