For a few years I drive rallys now with a Peugeot 205. Because front wheel drive isnt that much fun I want to switch to rear wheel drive and switch to historic rallying. Because I was always a 911 fan for me it only can be a 911. I build the Peugeot myself so Im familiair with the fact that building anything yourself is more expensive then buying one that is already build op to your wishes. But... the knowledge I got from building the car saved me several times from an early end of a rally. So for money sake its beter to buy someone else's already build car but for knowledge and the satisfaction of driving YOUR car is best to build yourself. And i like the work too...

I found out that these car were ever homologated and thus be suitable for building as a rally car.

1451 (gr.2) porsche 911 1991cc 01/01/1966
503 (gr.3) porsche 911 1991cc 01/01/1966
547 (gr.3) porsche 911S 1991cc 01/11/1966
577 (gr.3) porsche 911T 1991cc 01/01/1968
607 (gr.3) porsche 911T 1991cc 01/01/1969
608 (gr.3) porsche 911S 1991cc 01/01/1969
609 (gr.3) porsche 911E 1991cc 01/01/1969

3005 (gr.3) porsche 911S 2195cc 01/01/1970
3011 (gr.3) porsche 911 E/T (2195 & 2341) 2195 01/04/1970
3025 (gr.3) porsche 911 S (2195 & 2341) 2195 01/04/1970

3053 (gr.3) porsche carrera RS 2687cc 01/07/1973
3060 (gr.3) porsche 911 2687cc 01/02/1974
3061 (gr.3) porsche 911S 2687cc 01/02/1974
3062 (gr.3) porsche 911SC 2687cc 01/02/1974
637 (gr.4) porsche carrera RS 2687cc 01/07/1973
207 (gr.B) porsche 911SC 2687cc 01/03/1982
3062 (gr.B) porsche 911 sc 2687cc 01/02/1974

My idea is to build a car early 70s car. Sure the nicest cars are the 2.7 or 3.0 rs (yes that one is homologated under the same number), but that might be too expensive for me or...

The only thing a rs has to do is comply to the homologation, so in group 4, there a lot of things that can be replaced for not original parts because those parts are "free" in group 3 much less is possible and the car has to come close to an original. The one thing that has to be exactly the same as the original is the body work, suspension, motor. Im now figuring out what parts where only used on the rs and what parts were used on other models and might be easier to get.

The second idea is to buy one of the early 70s cars that need restoration but is very original and just build a rally car from that one. No other parts needed except from the rally parts like rollover cage, seats, seat belts fire extinguisher, etc. Those parts can be new. advantage here is that a car like this can be used in a new historic group 1/3 YS here in the Netherlands.

And I want at least near 200 hp (180-190 is ok too).

I have some questions:
- is anyone on this form experienced with this?
- does anyone have on or more of the homologation forms above? maybe digitally
- what do you think about the idea and do you have some good tips or tricks for me?
- does anyone know a already build early 70s rally that need some or a lot of work that it is for sale?
- any comment on this?