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    Gidday from Down Under

    After 8 months of waiting RS#101 has finally landed down under after a long boat journey from the USA and is safely tucked away in the garage.

    Have to do some minor changes for local motor registration (new headlights and seatbelts) as we are RHD here before I can drive it and the motor was also sent seperately and has yet to arrive.

    Brian I can't wait to pull the doors apart to see if I have the same screws. I have the disease badly also so says the wife.

    Clyde Boyer
    RS #101
    2.4S Targa
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    good car.

    You got a great car. I saw it at GAF in September, and then did a full look over in Jeff's gararge. Very unmolested car.
    Good luck...(although I don't think you will need it!)

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    Yep, you have the disease for sure. Good to hear that it arrived, but I'm curious why the motor was shipped seperately. That would make me slightly nervous. Has the AL tail arrived yet?

    R Gruppe #299

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    It was a tax issue for me getting the motor to Australia.

    I got the motor with the car and Jeff Smith packed it and arranged shipping but if a car costs more than $57,000 Aussie then we pay 25c per dollar tax for every dollar over. This way I could bring the body in and then the motor and neither went over the mark and hence the cost stays much lower (araound $9,000 Aussie to be exact)

    I am nervous also but the body made it OK so I think the motor should also


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    Don't worry about the motor! It ran fine when it came out, and it will run fine when it goes back in. I was there!

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    Congratulations, Clyde!

    What's the story about the wing mirror being in the unusual location? I looked at a 73S last year and it had a mirror in the same location as yours.

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    I drove Jeff to the transporter when it arrived in Portland. The car runs great! You are going to be very happy. I wish we could have kept that one here.

    73S 2.7RS Spec Sporto
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    Thanks Rick and Earl for your kind comments on the car and I can't wait for the engine to arrive. Seems like everyone else has driven the car except me!!! Robert Gross certainly encouraged me to wait and be patient and I think his advice was very sound as it took the best part of two years to loacte this one but bought it within 24 hours of getting Jeff and Ricks report from Ventura last September.

    Its like Xmas here at the moment as I had located a correct aluminium ducktail in Germany and it arrived today also

    Tomorrow I am going to find an RS Lightweight for sale for $40,000 in a nearby garage HA HA HA.

    Ian I am not sure about the location of the mirror. The passenger side was added later but when I strip the drivers door down I will know if it was a factory position or someone elses work. The holes where it usually is do not appear to be welded and the door is original.

    Does anyone know what the rear fog light switch and the rear fog light should look like. It seems I have one too many switches on the dash as I have four, 2 that are the same as rear heated window switches, 1 cigarette lighter and a period correct but slightly different other switch. perhaps a photo would be in order to help with ID.

    2.4S Targa

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