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Thread: Preparing my 67 for Monterey..sad story

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    Preparing my 67 for Monterey..sad story

    Well, after three attempts at tuning the suspension and corner balance. The 67 sits worse than before and has now missed the boat to Seattle. There is no one up here qualified to set up an early swb car.

    On a happier note. A last minute substition will be driven to Monterey. I have been working on this deal for a while...very pleased with the new car. However, the 67 will still need to come down to America for a proper alignment. I will just have to learn how to do this myself!

    I was hoping to spring this on you guys at a later date. But, Monterey seems as good as any. Shawn.
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    Hey Shawn,

    Sorry about the SWB car but congrats on the new one! Glad you were able to work it out. Love that car and color! Planning on any modifications or will you keep it original?

    Early 911S Reg #544

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    Jared Rundell - Registered User JCR's Avatar
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    Hey, you guys are sure diggin' up some nice cars! I'm impressed. Great color Shawn, looks like viper green? Is it from CA?

    How 'bout the story and more pics.
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    Hi Shawn
    Isnt that car for sale here in the bay area, Ca.

    I thought the owner no longer wanted to sell it.

    How funny, I was contacting him as well, that car use to be on sale in website.

    nice car.

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    Hi Shawn

    Send me your email address and I will send you the factory settings
    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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    thanks guy's

    John, yes, this is the same Bay Area car. He decided to sell again and I jumped. You should have never sold your 73T!

    Jared, it's conda green. All documentation, tool kit, original tire on the spare...still has factory air in it from Stuttgart It's a real nice car.

    Tom, I have to recover financially before I begin the 2.5L short stroke project.

    Nick, you are a life saver. Thank you so very much.

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    99 M96 2.5 litre
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    Hi Shawn
    How did you know about my 73T?
    Yeah you are right I should have kept my 73T.

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    Shawn, It's great that you have a "spare"! Pretty car...a '71?? (using the mirror clue)
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    Guess I should stop looking for that Metallic Silver then?....

    I approve. Can't wait to see you at Monterey. Dwight and I spent Saturday morning plotting our route, via Skyline Blvd. So, when are you getting in? If you need directions or someone to follow, let us know
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    Broke p car junkie

    John, you and I had emailed back and forth about 18 months ago when you were first establishing a value on your 73. I remember it as a pelican bboard discussion that went private. I also recall that a member/poster on this site purchased your car. I will send you a PM regarding this.

    Paul, it is a 70T. As you can see from my response to John...I have been looking for a 70-73T for a while now. Green is the new black these days.

    Chris, I will have to drool on your silver paint work in Monterey. Back in the mid 80's I lived in Capitola. I hope that I can remember the way...I did get very lost in SF a few years ago. My ETA is very late Thursday evening...I will need to mount and spin balance a new tire onto the spare deep 6JX15...good thing I still have a few valve stems left over.

    I can't wait to meet you guy's and your cars. Thanks for all the supportive comments.


    edit: I need spell check
    67 coupe roller
    99 M96 2.5 litre
    early911s reg 447
    R Gruppe 399

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