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Thread: Make an offer on a 906

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    Make an offer on a 906

    Interesting... what do you guys make of this?

    From a theft recovery / flood-car dealer - though this one claimed not stolen or flooded.

    They also have a 1960 356 roadster theft recovery. 906
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    That is one beautiful car

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    It's times like this that I most envy Jerry $einfeld.
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    $einfeld can keep his fame...but I wouldn't mind having the money!
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    Has anyone paid the 15 bucks to register with these guys to see if what they have is worth looking at?

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    Wow, that is something you don't often see for sale. Maybe Frank knows something about this car.


    There are two different sites. One is that is one the 906 is on. The other is which is different than the first. Here is what readytofix says: " We're an affiliate of AutoSource, a network of more than 60 nationwide auto brokers specializing exclusively in the resell of insurance claim settlement vehicles."

    The $15 registration fee is for the autosource site. Oddly enough this site was started by a very nice guy that built 2 cars that I have owned. He is quite a craftsman. The website is a way to find high end, low mile cars that have been given salvage titles for one reason or another. If that is the kind of vehicle that you looking for then the registration fee allows you to search a large database of salvage companies.

    Here is the 993 he did for me.

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    I believe the C6 is for sale at a dealer in the UK.

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    What's wrong with it?

    This is very strange. What am I missing?
    Why would someone use this format for offering a rare valuable car like this. It's listed for sale, but in order to get more info you have to pay a fee in order to look at it among a list of salvaged and/or flood damaged cars?
    No question that this car is rare and valuable - even if it's a wreck. Why would someone offering this car worry about charging someone $15 a pop in order to make some chump change as a method to attract buyers to sell a car which will be sold for a few hundred thousand dollars???
    Also, they provide no info as to what is wrong with it and what needs to be repaired/restored. It's a "Salvage or flood car", yet the pictures show it in perfect condition?
    Why offer info on it like a $15 cheap peepshow admission ticket? Better yet, why would someone agree to pay $15 just to see potential info on it? It's like throwing the $15 out the window?
    I have to believe that the real owner and seller of this car will eventually list it properly, or one of the dogged early Porschephiles who live for these opportunities will do their detective work and put out an APB to find the owner. Since there aren't many 906's out there, the list will be small.
    Hell, the hunt is already on by virtue of the fact that the car has been posted on this board. If this is the game, Mr. Dealer/ Salvage Newletter's days are numbered if he thinks he can keep a lid on this car and sell it before someone gets to the owner.

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    i do know this car, some of the previous owners,dick hyland,bill feron in fla, mark( forgot his last name)he sold it at thr rm auction in 1998;if i recall correctly it doesn'have its original engine,i think it's with a 914 6 cyl engine;it was rough back then

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    Perhaps the reason for the "25 Yard" shot.

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