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Thread: Bumper Trim Pieces

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    Bumper Trim Pieces

    Has anyone had success restoring the metal trim pieces used on the front and rear Bumper?

    I'm assuming these are aluminum extrusions (they're really soft and pit very easily), but they seem to have a finish on them in addition to simply a polished surface.

    Also, what is a good source for replacement rubber strips for this bumper trim (front and rear)?

    One last one: Can I assume that the rubber piece on the rear RS bumper is the same part as the normal cars, and that it just "bent" to fit the metal trim piece and flare?

    THanks lots for the help.


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    Is this a 65-68 car you are working on, or 69 to 73?
    With this info, I can give you some guidance.

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    It's a 73 RS, and I would also mention that the trim around the side windows on my 914-6 seems to be made of exactly the same material.

    THanks, Lee

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    Hello again,
    The big problem is that ALL metal bumper trim you buy today is JUNK. And that word is kind. The last 5 inches is butt glued to the rest of the moulding. The original factory rubber pieces have a transition where this is glued on that is so good you can hardly tell. The pieces you buy today look horrible. The rubber does not line up with the contour of the area where it butts up to. ( I am reffering to the glued on end pieces)
    As far as the aluminum base, that is bent to the match the contour of the bumper. That has to be perfect, because if it is not, and you try to rebend it to fit perfectly, you start going backwards.
    The dealer trim is the same as aftermarket. My suggestion is to work with yours. The pits car be taken out with fine sandpaper. Then polish it out with a aluminum compound and steel wool. Don't mix up the left and right, and reinstall where they came off. Keeping the pitted side on the bottom in case you don't get all the deeper pitting out. As far as the rubber, it is a little longer I think than the normal cars. I can check that for you and get back.

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    THanks very much Rick.

    I could have sworn there was some additional finish on the metal bit, but if not, I can certainly polish it out.

    Regarding the rubber, I only need the left rear. The molded-in threaded piece at the tip has somehow rusted (no rust on the panel itself), and the rubber was destroyed. A lead on this piece would be great.

    Curiously, that perfect factory bond for the rubber end piece is partially separated on one side of the front, but I can do a good repair myself.

    Thanks again,

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    I might have a piece for you, let me check and see if it is the same as a RS.

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    My guess is that the original alloy was polished then anodised, as the window trims were
    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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