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Thread: 71 911S Correct color for underbody et all

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    71 911S Correct color for underbody et all

    I am restoring a 1971 911S and was wondering if someone could set me straight on the proper color/material for the under body of the car.

    I know the wheel wells and arches get a light dusting the color of the car and the trunk and engine bay are painted the same. But what color/material is the main floor section under the car supposed to be ? Also the front suspension pan and support areas and the battery boxes ? Any infomation would of course be greatly appreciated. While this is not a concours restoration I would like to come as close as possible.


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    PRIOR to the 1973 model year, the underneath of the car and the engine surround was black...flecks of body color appear through the engine surround black, which makes me suspect that area was brush applied?
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    I have a 71 911E, with 43,000 original miles, and I am the second owner.

    The complete undercarriage of the car, including the wheel wells, are all done in a "black/grey" undercoating material, and occasionally you can see spots where the color of the car shows through (like Paul said), in places where the undercoating is thin.

    If you scrub on those spots, you'll wear through some of the undercoating and you will see more paint.

    The engine compartment of my car is black, with some of the green paint showing through again.

    The front trunk of my car, has a light coating, misting, of the paint color of the car.

    When I bought my car, it was still original paint. Due to a delamination of the pain, as it is a metallic color, I have had to do a windows out respray of the car.



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    Thanks, so the person who had previously started the restoration removed all undercoating from the inner fender wells front and rear, replaced the suspension pan and battery boxes (no undercoating there either). The trunk is as clean as can be but also no undercoating. So in order to do this correctly do I paint and then undercoat or ?? The engine compartment is as you have stated undercoated with a hint of the original color showing through.


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    If it's to be a complete resto.....that's the way to go.


    PS. I need to see in the trunk exactly how they did it and get back to you........memory, and multiple cars....... I'll take a pic and forward next week (car in storage).

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    I went to the Porsche factory many years ago and watched what they do. The entire car was painted the outside color, then the undercoating was hand brushed in particular areas. The undercoating was a shiny black (still wet I guess) at the time (1984).
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    Well thanks again for the great information. I'll proceed accordingly.

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