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Thread: to the body work DIY's

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    to the body work DIY's

    what grade sandpaper should I use to smooth out an area on my door edge? I just did something really stupid , causing my ajar door to jam up against an immovable wall and paint smudged up a bit( it is @ 9 yr old paint). I would like to smooth it out and then just touch it's just killing me to look at it.....wet or dry paper?...TIA

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    320 will work on the edge. Wet or dry, it doesn't matter. You won't get any sanding action from something like 600.

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    Depends on the amount of damage.

    If it's a chip, you can build up layers of paint - one layer at a time - to fill the hole. This takes time... 10 - 20 layers - let eack layer dry thoroughly. Once the built up paint is slightly above the normal surface, I would knock it down with 800 or 1200 grit. Use wet paper AND a small sanding block (do not use just sandpaper with your hand - it will create an uneven surface). Change paper often, the fine grits wear away quickly. Follow with a good hand glaze rubbing to smooth it all out, then a wax.

    I touched up some door edge paint chips this way on my car, turned out pretty good.
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    if you post a picture of the damage I may be able to give you a very good idea on what to use to fix it. I've sanded with all the way up to 3000 grit, it all makes a difference.
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    Thanks for all responses; now I have an idea of a starting point at least. I will start out very conservatively at pics to show as I just realized last week my camera appears to missing....hmmmm. When I do find it, or buy another one I also want to show pics of RS style steering wheel that is now on car......

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    paint repair


    You might try some of the liquid alternatives that McGuires offers prior to sandpaper. They have 3-4 products prior to waxing to restore painted surfaces. There is another product called Imperial hand glaze that is excellent as well.


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    Done...used some 320....quickly went to 800 then 1200....cleaned it up, touched it up...finished w/ 3M IHG and it's barely there!...thanks to all!

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