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Thread: Boxster Wheels?

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    Boxster Wheels?

    Sorry this is my first post, and it will clearly seem idiotic... alas:

    I have serached for what wheels fit the early model 911's, and it seems almost everything is the factory size like the fuchs wheels

    (5x15, or 6x15? )

    I love the way the boxster S wheels look, is there any way you could get those wheels to fit?

    What is the actual pattern and offset of the 72-73 911's?

    The only thing i dislike about the early 911's is the wheels, if i could get past that, i would buy one tommorow.


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    Yes, with spacers, you can run Boxster wheels.

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    Funny you should say that...

    Those boxter wheels are pretty cool looking, but somehow they look weird to me on an older car.

    For a very long time I was only interested in new Porsches. I was busy updating my 911 with newer and newer "cool" parts.

    Meanwhile my friend Rob King at S Car Go was trying to get me interested in restoring an old 911 he had lying around his shop.

    "Nah... the old ones are nice, I guess... but they're so... old looking. And those wheels are so.... small "

    I was using my Fuchs for track wheels (they were much lighter) but they were my "junk" wheels.

    Then, somewhere along the line a little switch flicked over in my head. Those fuchs just look awesome to me now.

    I wish I'd paid a little more attention to that "old" car Rob had for sale. Seems to me it had a 2.7 motor in it....


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    I don't know. I think I'll leave my Boxster wheels on the Box. I wish RUF had made some smaller wheels like 16 x 7. But, the best looking wheel of all time to me for the early car is the Fuchs 15 x 7. I say that as I look at my car with deep 6's. They're not too bad, eh?

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