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Thread: Stolen Parts

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    Angry Stolen Parts

    This is a warning message and search for info. On May 27, 2004, I was visited by a male named Noel who was allegedly visiting SoCal(Diamond Bar) from the Las Vegas area. He looked at my 67 911 and while I was getting the pink slip he took off with the weber carbs. He is Asian, 5'9", 180lbs. They were driving a dark blue Volvo. He was looking for a 67-69 porsche. Any info would be appreciated and be careful.
    Thanks :mad

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    I'm really sorry to hear about this.

    That's as bad as the guys on anothe "list" that got burned for the same engine by some scumbag in Florida who after the facts came out basically taunted the authorities with statements like "you'll never catch me" before moving somewhere north like MA.

    One of the victims is a friend of mine who is out about $6,500.

    Here is an interesting link FYI:

    I wish you well with your search for this low life.

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    909 201-2427 cell (may not be current!)

    Known well by many board members, including me,....I got burned for $1,500.

    Do a search on his name on Pelican, and you can get some more information.

    If you can snare him, I will file another complaint against him.

    Eric Linden
    Seattle, WA

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    I think this guy contacted me a while back said he was living or working in Corona/Norco, Ca. area.


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    Angry Stolen Parts

    If anyone that replied got a last name for Noel I'll try and track him down through the local Asian community (I'm Chinese with a few connections).

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    You guys need to file a criminal warrant-in-debt on this character if he's written a bad check, otherwise it's a civil matter for which you can still file a warrant. A bad check makes it a lot worse.

    Once it's active anytime he get pulled over and the cops do their job right it will come up on their computers and it's off to the gray bar hotel.
    I don't know how much you have to steal or how many times before it becomes a felony. Somebody needs to take him to the woodshed.

    I'd wear his ass out in court (or somewhere else) if he pulled it on me. And when I was done I'd let the rest of you have a turn.
    Where I come from we don't take this kind of crap without somebody getting what's coming to them.

    Isn't Suge Knight out of jail now? Send him over for a visit. He did wonders for Vanilla Ice's attitude.

    Good luck, Jerome.

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    Read the post two posts before your last one.

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