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Thread: speedo/ odo cable removal

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    speedo/ odo cable removal

    trying to remove my speedo from 1970 911t. but I can't figure out the cable for the odo reset. have wayne's book but can't find any mention of it in the speedometer removal section.

    I do see a tiny set screw in the knob for the odo reset. am I expected to use a tiny screw driver to remove the set screw? it looks as if it's never been off and will surely resist my efforts.

    paul schuster
    santa cruz

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    Are you removing the cable from the back of the speedo? I believe it just screws on similar to the speedo cable.

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    it does not appear to unscrew as the speedo cable does.

    has no collar, the cable just disappears into the back of the speedo housing.

    looks like my only option is to get the cable knob off and slid it though the dash hole.

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    It's been a little while since I've pulled the speedometer from my '65, but I think the trip odometer reset just snaps in place. You might try wiggling it.

    Getting it back in is a little more difficult-aligning the cable in its receiver seems tobe important.

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    Yes, you "unplug" it from the speedo. Removing the knob won't solve the problem. You will still need to remove the cable from the gauge.

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    OK, I've twisted, turned and yanked on this thing.

    still nothing.

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    GOT IT!

    of course you were all correct and I never had any doubt that you knew the way.

    I ended up sliding a flat head screw driver between the white plastic plug at the end of the cable and the speedo housing, then it just popped off!

    now I need to wire up my electric speedo ... new tranny is 915

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    Hi Paul

    I pulled my speedo out a few weeks ago with the reset cable attached. I didn't have any trouble with the little screw in the knob. Just below that is a silver ring which acts as the nut screwed onto the end of the cable housing. It has two tiny notches cut into it which surely take some kind of tool with which to rotate the nut. I didn't have the tool but I used gentle persuasion. Actually I twisted the end of the cable from inside the dash and the nut stayed stationary. Putting it back and tightening it could be more of a challenge.


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