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Thread: transmission questions

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    transmission questions

    I found a 68 5-sp on ebay as a possible replacement for my 70 911E. Question, would this short wheel base transmission fit the long wheel base car?

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    It should work. There may be a difference with the transaxle to chassis mount, and I know the clutches / flywheels are different. The 1970 box is a type 911 (upgraded type 901) with a push type clutch. If you use the earlier flywheel / clutch, then you will need a pull type clutch cable. It will be more difficult to convert the type 901 box to push type clutch because it will be missing the appropriate brackets on the box housing. Good Luck. Alternatively, you can use the type 901 internals in the type 911 box (this is what I would do).
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    Thanks. I want something that can be swaped without modification, or else, I will go w/ maybe 915 box. In the other words, I have not yet made up my mind.

    Thanks again.

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    I think that '68s had aluminum cases, as opposed to the mag case your '70 has. I think that the gearing may also be a little different.
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    The drive flanges are different also.

    It will be a lot easier to find a good 911 box - ask me how I know...

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    Now I am asking, how?

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    I spent many months trying to figure out how to put a 901 into my '73 and match the drive flanges. THe %*&^* who sold me the 901 said it would bolt right in. I finally gave up and bought a 911 type tranny.

    With the 901 you cannot swap the tranny's flanges with those of a 915 (internal splines differe) and the CV joints form the older cars will not fit the shafts on a '73 so you can't swap those either.

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