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Thread: Sway Bar Bushings

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    Sway Bar Bushings

    Apologies in advance, this question is regarding my 914-6!

    It didn't come with sway bars originally, and a while back I installed a front Weltmiester kit with a 19mm bar. The thing is really pretty mediocre in quality, but it works well enough.

    The problem is that the plastic bushings that came with the kit make too much noise for me, and I like to replace them with something compliant. Does anyone know of a soft stock-like bushing that will work with a 19mm bar and the Weltmeister bushing "housings" that bolt to the body?

    I've tried Pelican and Weltmeister so far, and have come up dry.

    Thanks, Lee

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    They do make the stock ones for 19mm rear 911 bars but I don't think they make them for 19mm fronts.

    What they do sell is da-magic goop (lube) for the Welt bushings…Performance Products #883102 … $5.98
    What it is, is almost pure silicone paste... and it works (for about 6 months) ... get the stuff and put it in a plastic syringe and apply it to the margins between the bars and bushings (It really finds it's way in there) ... the squeaks should go away ... until you have to do it again...

    Hope this helps,
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    One alternative is to take the largest through bar factory bushing (16mm?), then enlarge the ID to 19mm (3/4"). In addition, set the bar to full soft (long arm).

    Does the 19mm produce a lot of understeer? An alternative is to get a 16mm factory bar with adjustable arms to change the roll stiffness.


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    Chuck, thanks. I have some silicon paste - I'll give it a try. I didn't think to try it in that the moly grease I tried didn;t really help (and was worse once it picked up some dirt).

    Sherwood, your question is interesting, since I've been searching for the right setup on the car for a long time. This one is purely a road car, and the balance I'm trying to find is that of the 73 2.0l 4 cylinder car I once had. That car had factory bars, and I really liked the way it handled. Everyone seems to agree that the factory 4 cyl bars dont work well with the extra weight of the 6, and most everyone suggests no rear bar. Here's where I am to date:

    The car has Bilstein front strut inserts, and the Bilstein rear shocks with adjustable perch. The front torsion bars are stock. I orginally tried progressive rear springs (allegedly about 110# initial rate and ultimately about 140#), but I really didn;t like how they "progressed". I also put the 19mm bar on at that time, and as you said the thing understeered too much even when set as soft as I could get it (can't put it on full soft because the drop links end up at a riduclous angle and bind at the a-arm).

    On the recommendation of George Hussey at Automobile Atlanta I put new stock-rate springs on the back, but haven't put the front bar back on yet because I've been looking for the busings. ALthough George also suggested a 19mm bar, I suspect it will still understeer too much for my liking. I sure oversteers with no front bar, however.

    Any setup recommendations? Use a rear bar? I'm always open to suggestions on this one!

    Thanks again folks,

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