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Thread: Project 911 page updated

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    Project 911 page updated

    My 911 is back on the ground after another 5 month got new heat exchangers, Dansk sport exhaust, Leda struts and it was lowered...

    pics and details...


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    Per, that looks superb
    Nick Moss - Early 911S #476 - RGruppe #318 -

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    I was considering one of the Dansk sport muffs for my 914-6, and would be interested in your experience.

    How does the Dansk sound compared to the factory sport muff? Too loud for the street (I know this is subjective)?

    I read that some of their products don't fit well - have any problems?

    In your pics, the pipes look a little longer than the factory part. Is that my imagination?

    Which distributor did you use - Pelican? Didn't see this part on their site.

    Thanks a lot,

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    I put one on a 2.0 liter...

    My Dasnk unit is mild, rather than stainless steel. It sounds great. Not so loud than I am worried about disturbing the rest of the street when returning home in the evening.

    But, loud enough that I feel...somewhat...bad about a "proper warm up" in the early AM.

    I am keeping mine. They provide real performance for carburated engines. Shawn.
    67 coupe roller
    99 M96 2.5 litre
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    Hey Shawn, that looks great. The pipes definitely look shorter than those on Per's car.

    Any trouble keeping the paint on the muffler? I like the painted look better than stainless, but have had no luck keeping the paint looking good on the single outlet AJ sport muff on the car now. Of course, it is light grey...


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    keeping the finish on the muffler is tough. Keeping the paint on the cars body panel behind the muffler is even more difficult.

    The hot spots (directly behind each exhaust manifold outlet) pretty much bake the finish on the muffler. Then, expect heat damage to the paint (it get's kinda cracked) near and behind both inlets of the twin out sport muffler.

    However, it sounds REALLY COOL! the price of performance on a street car.

    67 coupe roller
    99 M96 2.5 litre
    early911s reg 447
    R Gruppe 399

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    Originally posted by Lee
    Any trouble keeping the paint on the muffler?
    The only finishes that I have ever seen hold up on exhaust systems are the ceramic coatings (Jet-Hot, etc.) and aluminum metal spray (which only comes in white).

    Tom Tweed
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    Tips, sounds

    Yes, the tips are a bit long, but they look pretty angry...exhaust isn't actually that much louder than stock, it just sounds more mechanical than it did before...hard to describe.


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    Be careful of the long tips on driveways. I cracked the welds on my AJUSA version pulling out of the office drive before I trimmed them down. I like the black too, but the only black left on my current Dansk sport one-out is between the straps.

    Thanks for the updates Per, it's good to see how others have delt with the same issues we've all faced with our cars. So far everything you've done seems very familiar.
    Tom Morgan
    Charlotte, NC
    '18 Carrera T - R #368, S #692
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