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Thread: 1969 911 Steering Column Bushing Replacement

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    1969 911 Steering Column Bushing Replacement

    Does someone have a link/info on how to replace the steering column bearing on an early 911.
    Is there a quick fix or am I stuck with taking the column apart and replacing the $190 bearing?

    I was a little disappointed to find that this easy metal slip on replacement is not suitable for the early cars.
    Link to 75 and later Steering Column Bushing Replacement.


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    Do you still have the part on your current wheel? The splined shaft has considerable play which is eliminated by the spring & bushing. Sometimes a wheel gets replaced and the spring / bushing doesn't get transferred.

    I just swapped wheels on my '69. This is the bushing you referenced in the Pelican article-

    The one in my car was about 1/5 the length of this one but a similar design. The spring is about the same dia. I would think you could find a used spring / bearing from someone selling an old wheel.

    Edit- I wasn't clear about installation. The bearing & spring are visible and come right out when you take the wheel off. There is no need to disassemble the column. If your wheel has play it's likely the bearing and/or spring are gone.

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    I'm does the bushing shown and referenced in the pelican aticle work or not work on the early cars?

    Early 911S Reg #544

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    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure of the function of the spring?
    My gripe is with slop in a radial fashion, not forward and backwards.

    With the wheel and hub removed looking at the column just as your picture above my problem appears to be between the column shaft and the bearing. The bearing appears to be in good shape. Except there is a noticeable gap between the column shaft and the column bearing.
    Perhaps there was a thin nylon bushing located between the bearing and the steering shaft that has disintegrated. This has created play in a radial fashion.

    I have heard on some models it is possible to just install a second bearing over the first? Anyone ever try that?

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    Originally posted by TKO
    I'm does the bushing shown and referenced in the pelican aticle work or not work on the early cars?

    I was told be Darren at Pelican Parts that the metal bushing shown in the picture is for 75 and later only. He was not aware of a bushing available for the early 911. Replacing the entire bearing may be the only fix for the early Porsches.

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    GBurner, if you have the bushing and still have play I would bet that you don't have the spring installed. The bushing (sleeve) is very thin and doesn't look as if it's meant to fill the gap around the steering shaft. The spring appears to preload things and keep them solid.

    The bushing shown in the post above is for later cars. The one in an early car looks like you cut the top 1/4 off the later one pictured above. The bushing & spring are items #6 and #7 in the diagram

    I have no play in my wheel. I installed a Momo wheel and noticed that I had a ton of radial play. With the wheel removed the splined shaft moved around all over the place. I then noticed that the spring and bushing were stuck to the back of my stock wheel. I put them on the Momo and the wheel is rock solid now.

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    This is what your bushing / spring should look like-
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Thank you sir, I'll check that asap and get back to you.
    Nice diagram too, very helpful.
    Best regards,

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    I have the same problem here and was about to fix next week, using the $190 part. Any additional info is highly appreciated.
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    The $190 part is the little collar in the pic. 3 posts above. If you are missing this (or the spring) maybe you can find a used one? I would think salvage yards would have these or you could try to buy a junk wheel from someone.

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