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Thread: my r gruppe car history

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    my r gruppe car history

    I just bought an rs clone and just received the title. The owner didn't have too much history onthe car bit I do have the vin. I'm sure this has been beat to death - but is the easiest way to the history to order a "birth" certificate through Porsche????

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    The Kardex won't give you any history of the car, just its "as delivered" configuration and options, including original engine and trans. numbers, color, etc.
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    exactly what I'm looking for - now any good strategies on getting owner histories things like that???????

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    Some 6 years ago I bought a '73T from a guy down near Cape Cod. I didn't have any history at all on the car so I called Porsche's Customer Satisfaction department about getting the Kardex. After offering only verbal proof that I owned the car and chatting for a while the guy on the other end of the phone was able to give me all kinds of info. I must have an honest voice... . I learned every previous owner's name and location and the mileages at the time it changed hands so I was able to validate the 45K miles shown on the odometer.

    I know we live with the privacy act now, but I wonder if you could get access to the Department of Motor Vehicles files, or dealer records, or even the inspection sticker logs, or smog test data. It'd take some digging and you might even have to pose as a police detective to get what you want. It won't be easy.

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    DMV's and CARB will release certain info. THe Wash. DMV also offerred to forward a letter I wrote about the car to its 4 prev. owners. But nobody contacted me.

    You can also go thru PCA - they will not give out addresses but will confirm if a certain name is a PCA member.

    Beyond that, you are stuck with Intert searches and commercial database - all Porsche owners leave credit trails behind if you car to pay to follow that (like a priv. invetigator or coll. agency might do). Is it that important? There is a book on find anybody any where or some such you can get from a library. You can hire a good lawyer. [repeat question here]

    You can post aobut your car here, in Excellence, on Pelican and on Rennlist.....

    I wish the new owner of my car would contact me - I have some extra info to give him & want the car to have a good home. IF you recently bought a beautiful 1975 S in Gulf Blue with Webers, let me know....

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    sorry - one more tidbit. What a state agency can relaease or will release is determined by state law and differs from state to state.

    File whatever form they want, and also ask if the agency has a policy to release all info that is allowed releaseable under state law. i.e. they might hold back unless you force them (I force info out of the govt. for fun & profit, so am attuned to the finer points. You probably won't have to worry about this, just a question of how careful you wna tto be.)

    - Randy

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