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Thread: Accelerator Pedal question

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    Accelerator Pedal question

    I am in the process of installing new carpeting. When I went to reinstall the formed wood panel, new carpet over it, and then hook back up the linkage to the pedal itself, I noticed the pedal when pushed down all the way does not come close to hitting a bolt that should act as a 'stop'.(I think) The bolt is attached the the wood panel and is threaded but no screw coming out of it.

    Anybody know if this is normal and /or correct? Am I missing something? The linkage seems a bit stiff but does not snag or have a problem returning.

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    A more important adjustment is to verify the throttle is wide open with the pedal fully depressed. The stop bolt and WOT do not have to coincide, but WOT should occur before the pedal hits the stop.

    The nylon stop is not part of the wooden floorboard.


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    Pedal Stop

    Not sure what the factory would recommend, but I always like to adjust mine so that the pedal will open the throttle all the way at the same time as it hits the stop. This way, you are not counting upon the linkage end of the whole deal to resist your (HEAVY) right foot.

    It's a little time consuming, and goes a little faster with two people doing it (one holding the linkage open at the motor end) but it's probably a good idea.

    Just move the pedal down to WOT then back the "bolt" up 'til it just hits the back side of the pedal. Be sure to check it occasionally to adjust for any cable stretch, otherwise you will not be getting full throttle, and we don't want that, do we?

    As I mentioned, this is just my logic, and perhaps I'm missing something.


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    I have to concur with you. Your method sounds better.

    If the linkage is binding, I'd look at the throttle link that goes from the gearbox up to the engine. Could be bent or is rubbing against something. The throttle arm bushings at the gearbox could also be worn.


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    Not to be forgotten are the 4 plastic "guide bushings" on the inside of the center tunnel. They quide the accel pedal and will cause slop and restrict WOT in the system. They are a royal PITA to get to, but WELL worth the effort in my opinion. Good luck and enjoy your new full throttle experience - it will seem like you just installed a fresh engine!


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    I can tell you from experience what can happen if the throttle stop is NOT adjusted to limit throttle travel to (or just past) "Wide Open Throttle." The bellcrank below the pedal can be forced under the lip in the steel floor and stick there.

    It is not easy to drive a 911 stuck at full throttle.
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    I didn't seem to get WOT with my bolt in place with the Webbers, so I removed the bolt with no problems at all.
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