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Thread: Help with 'funny' VIN

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    Help with 'funny' VIN

    Actually there is nothing funny about it... I have a 1969 911 'S' with a 911S engine. Nothing is wrong with the engine number, but the VIN number is not correct, it is outside the range for S coupes made in 1969. I have contacted the factory and have basically been told that somebody must have forged the number. If so, they forged it in the window, on the aluminium plate, and on the steel plate by the gas tank. All the numbers and plates look legit, I have a clean title, but I would like to know if there is any chance that this is a 35 year old Porsche error, or if anyone has heard of or seen similar issues.

    Any thoughts are appreciated (please keep the to yourselves I am already for everyone.)

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    Whats the VIN and engine numbers?
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    Buyers beware...with "S" models becoming so coveted, there ARE counterfeits out there...for a fact.
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    Did you believe the engine to be original to the car? Have you gotten a Kardex from the the shown vin number? Did the car come with service records?
    Could it be an early MY (model year) 1970 car built in 1969 - and the PO sold it as a 69?

    Guess we need to know the #.
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    Vin #'s

    Nobody can assist without the VIN number...
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    It is not a 1970 model, the VIN starts with 11930 and ends with (ex.) 1500 giving me (again, for example) 119301500. I am reluctant to have my possibly fake VIN floating around, so (call me paranoid or worse) I will keep the exact numbers to myself. The engine is from a 1969, and everything about the car and the VIN plates looks legitimate with no visible tampering.

    A friend who knows something about Porsche history (he is a 356 buff from way back) and who has seen the car, suggested that Porsche was not the most reliable keeper of records in the early years. While it may be a stretch, has anyone heard of such errors from Porsche?

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    So what you're saying is that the VIN is higher than 119 30 1492 (last '69S VIN according to several sources including Porsche's Technical Specifications booklet) ?

    Is the engine serial number higher than 639 2126 ?

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    Yes, it is higher. No, there is no problem with the engine number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 911s911rs
    It is not a 1970 model, the VIN starts with 11930 and ends with (ex.) 1500 giving me (again, for example) 119301500.
    Nein! Nein! Nein! We do not make mishtakes! You idiot Amerikanners cannot read!!

    Pull the dash off and give the factory the number marked in crayone that will be present. That's the secret number! They will only tell you if the number is right or wrong, meaning if you have a wrong number (for the car in question) they won't tell you the number of the car it actually belongs to. Make sense?

    Wanna see mine?

    Good luck,


    PS: The Germans keep pretty damn good records.
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    oh, I know all about the factory's disclosure rules... ask me how.

    Actually it was a German 356 buff who told me that the factory might have screwed up. Ask him how HE knows.

    And as far as Porsche screwing up, let's not forget: 928, 914, 924, and for that matter, 996. Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte, oder?

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