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Thread: '73S color change- valuation question

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    '73S color change- valuation question


    I have an Ivory '73 911S targa that is undergoing restoration after a minor accident. We are now at the point where the painter has to buy the paint. He has been looking at the Ivory paint samples and thinks it has too much tan in it. He brought up a color change to light ivory.

    My car had been resprayed by the PO and I don't think they got the ivory 100% correct, so I really have no idea what new Ivory paint will look like straight out of the paint gun. He is going to shoot a test panel in the next couple of days.

    My main question is; would painting the car another but more desirable color affect the potential resale value of my car? My car will never be a concours queen, but I don't want to hurt the car's value. I know that I should primarily be concerned with what I think would look best, but.... valuation does play some role in the equation.

    Thanks for advice.
    '73 911S targa

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    I believe light ivory to be the only Porsche standard "white" on early cars. I would be very surprised if there were both "ivory" and "light ivory" in '73.
    I own a light ivory '66 911 and have owned light ivory 356 and 914. All the same color.
    As to value, I think it always reduces the value of a collectible car such as an early S to change from the factory original color.

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    Paint Change

    If you are doing a resto to original don't deviate... that's my feeling.

    If you're gonna hot rod, go any way you want.

    Unless of course you go to tangerine which is hideous, and every tangerine car should be immediately sold as salvage to me.


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    Surrrrrrre... there was IVORY in '73 code #132 - part # 4610 (for a Targa)

    Yes... IVORY is much darker then LIGHT IVORY (more beige/yellow)

    I feel you should do what you what...

    Consider this...
    To do a 'correct' color change on a '73 is a pretty BIG DEAL...
    '73 was the first year that we see the inner wheel wells, trunk, and engine compartment painted body color (and not painted over with black) ... so suspension off, engine out to do it right.

    Of course the other way to look at it is...
    If indeed you have a matched number '73-S Targa you own one of 948 made total - that's domestic German and world export.. that's it, that's all... and that's a pretty low number car...

    Point being Neil, if you're think'n resale in the future... your potential customer base will know EXACTLY how you repainted your car... point being, a substantial part of your potential customer base is reading this thread...


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    Ooops. There was an ivory and light ivory and I see, after looking at B. Johnson's book, medium ivory. Learn something most every day.

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    How TIMELY!

    I am in a similar situation with my light ivory, color code 131, 73E targa. In my case, somebody did a poor repaint in a General Motors white, a white-white. I plan a redo, but like you, not to concours.

    I intend to use the car on the track and drive the %#$* out of it. Frankly, I like the ivory much more than the light ivory, but I'm not crazy about either, particularly given all of the really great colors offered in '73 such as chartreuse, viper green, signal orange and yellow.

    I figure that any repaint I will do will be extensive, so why not do it a fun color? Of course, my "E" will never be as desirable as your car, but I wonder if the color change, even if done to the highest standard, will always be a "story" that goes along with the car.

    BUT, will an ivory car always be less desirable than a tangerine, or signal yellow car?

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    Standard Color 1973 - #131 Light Ivory
    Special Order 1973 - #132 Ivory

    So not only do you own a very rare car, but it came in a special order color.

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    Wink White

    For what it`s worth, I have a 67 911 which was originally factory light ivory. I had it repainted irish green because I always thought irsh green was a great color. As I have had it green now for almost a year, and in the meantime have seen a few of the older 911īs in light ivory, I am coming to truly appreciate light ivory. For racing purposes light ivory is a great color for accenting the car with racing stripes and decals. On its own, when polished up nicely and with all the early 911 chrome highlighting it, it can look great.
    Any early 911 can look great whatever the color as long as it is in good condition. It almost even looks good in bahama yellow....

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    If you had it to do over, would you repaint ivory?

    Isn't white the official German GP color?

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    a repaint lowers the price about 10%; a repaint and color change may not lower it any worse than that

    the # of buyers for concours type cars is much smaller than the overal # buyers there will be for a '73 in the future (barring some fad for concours or original only)

    so, paint it the color you want.

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