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Thread: 2 LITER S Cylinder Head

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    2 LITER S Cylinder Head

    Dear "S" Gurus

    My '69S 2.0 liter engine is spread all over my mechanics shop at the moment. Turns out we need to replace one cylinder head. We've come up short with our local sources. Would some kind soul please tell me if and where I might be able to find a reliable replacement for this thing. Apparently it is important to try to match the cylinder head casting number, K1819f, part number 901.104.308.1R. I'll try to attach some images.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    My restorer has a ton of old parts. I can dig through them and see if has one. What would you pay for one?
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    tough one there bubba...

    69S heads have the larger port sizes that make them all the rage with 2.0 liter racing engines. The 2.0 69S heads are very quickly reaching the unobtanium square on the periodic table of elemental porsche parts.

    Sorry, to offer only bad news, and very willing to reward any reserves brought to my attention. See my signature below.

    You had better consider aggressive options that will "convince" your cars shop owner to find your cars correct and matching parts. Shawn.
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    2 Liter S Heads

    Thanks Shawn

    I was reading Wayne Dempsey's 911 rebuild book. He recommends using the later 2.2 and 2.4 heads if you are building a high-performance 2.0 liter engine. I would have been very happy to keep everything stock but if I get more performance out of a more practical or less expensive route then O.K. The later heads seem more availabe. Are the T, E and S heads all the same when you get into the 2.2 and 2.4 engines? I have to run this all by my mechanic of course. I'm wondering what all else has to be changed if I go that route.

    What do you think?


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    The valve sizes for the '69 S heads are different than later heads.
    69E: 42in/38ex, port size: 32in, 32ex
    69S: 45in/39ex, port size: 45in, 39ex
    70-71 all: 46in/40ex, port sizes vary

    In addition, the head-to-cylinder sealing surface and the combustion chamber volume changed after '69.

    Perhaps you can locate and modify a 69E head to match the other 5. However, I don't know if this is possible. The other alternative might be to sell the 5 S heads and use the proceeds to buy 70-on or RS pistons/cylinders and a set of later, compatible heads. Any head from a 2.2 to 2.7 should bolt up to the RS pistons. With the RS pistons, you'll end up with 2.5 liters. If the S heads are in such short supply, you may not come out to bad, budget-wise.

    Can't repair the one S head? If repairable, will it cost more than the above options?


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    2 Liter S Heads

    Thanks, Sherwood

    That was helpfull. My mechanic is waiting to see what I can dig up. Monday we discuss the options: replace the head, repair the head, different heads and sell the other 5 "S" heads? This is of course leading into the big issue of "Keep it original or not." I've been justifying some of the budget with the notion of keeping it original. I'll see what else comes down the pipe before Monday.


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