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Thread: Can't Select Any Gear!

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    Can't Select Any Gear!

    First off the car is a Sportomatic.

    OK, I went out last night to replicate my starter issue (intermittent starting worked fine 9/10 times) and could not replicate the issue. So I decided to go for a drive, but could not get it in to any gear. It feels like something is blocking the selection of gears. It wasn't even grinding when I pulled with some force, except first which has been normal lately and unneeded with a Sporto which launches fine in 2nd. After some revving and pulling I did get it into third once with a slight grind. I shut her down and was able to get in all gears with the engine off.

    This problem arose out of no where, last time I drove the car it ran great. I just rebuilt the carbs and replaced all sporto vac lines, I doubt they would develop a leak just sitting there. As I said before there has been some grinding lately with 1st and also reverse but all else was good. I did check the oil level since the torque converter shares engine oil and it was within the marks on the stick I added a little anyways and it did not help. Would being low on trans fluid create this problem, or is the clutch wet? Could the clutch adjustment be off?

    I am lost when it comes to internal trans operations, I do however have the sporto operations figured out.

    Any reccomendations for a shop to take it to in OC (Andial $, Haus of Perf, etc.) this will be a first time I have taken in the car to a mechanic? I do all my own work but don't know much about transmissions.
    Bret Davis
    1968 911L

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    Sounds like a manual transmission with a clutch engagment problem. I am not a sporto expert, but it does not sound internal.

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    select any gear

    for orange co., I would check out Scott,s Independent inc. in Anaheim 714-634-2027. He has been around a long time. Also Ausse Brothers in Orange c0.

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