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Thread: Best Early 911 Engine builder - Who would you send your 911S engine to for a Rebuild?

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    Question Best Early 911 Engine builder - Who would you send your 911S engine to for a Rebuild?

    I am thinking about buying an extra early 911S engine. I would like to buy one that is complete. but needs to be gone thru entirely. My intention would be to send it to the BEST ENGINE BUILDER out there and have the engine and MFI completely gone thru and restored to as new condition. Would I be better off separating the MFI and sending that to a shop like Gus at Pacific or is there a engine rebuilder I can just send the complete engine to and have them deal with everything themselves?
    I am guessing that I should budget around $10k for the project. Assuming that there are no major egine parts (i.e. pistons/cylinders, heads, rods, crank) that need to be replaced not restored, is this a realistic budget?
    Okay, now who is the best out there?

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    This sounds like a very interesting question. In your answers, please also consider the best for a 2.0 with webbers (you never know what the future might bring).


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    Best Engine builder in the US

    Rick Moe, Nurburgring Inc.
    4213 Steiner Street
    St. Bonifacius, MN 55375
    952 446 8185

    Complete rebuilds including detailing down to the correct color dots on the ends of tighten bolts and cad platings. Not cheep, but complete and acurate.

    A Moe built engine in my 1965 holds a class record at BIR. After over 90 thousand miles on the engine it was still competitive in PCA club racing.


    Arron Hatch, Flat Six, Inc.
    9010 Pillsbury Avenue South
    Bloomington, MN 55420
    952 884 2060

    In such demand he travels to the far corners of the US to service/rebuild RSR engines. If you havn't heard of him, you don't have a vintage/historic racer do you.


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    The advice I have always gotten and tend to agree with is that the best rebuilder is YOU. No one is going to give more care, spend more time and attention to detail than you are. I have yet to build my first 911 motor, but plan on it soon. Hopefully I won't be cursing myself for taking my own advice.

    (edit) I also realize that for many folks, this is not realistic due to time constraints. Best of luck.

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    Perhaps your $10K budget is a bit low for the service you're looking for. Parts prices have been skyrocketing. I know who I'd send my engine to, but I also know I wouldn't get it rebuilt for $10K...
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    best engine builder

    Send it to Andre Gaudet `s PORSCHE HAUS ! He is the best !

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    Right - it will cost you more.

    Also, you cannot find any one person who is the absolute best. I know two people in Portland, OR who are both very good (or two 'shops'), there is Jerry Woods in the Bay Area, there are several in SoCal. there are people on the E. Coast, etc. Some are younger & some are older and that probably affects the way they do things a bit. It's like trying to find the best chemist, or lawyer, or doctor or fighter pilot - re the latter one might be tops at flight test, the top USAF guys are not good at carrier landings.... And if you make a narow specification, you will still have a couple to a few you can't choose among.

    So tell us where you are located, and what end result you want for your engine. That will help narrow the field to say 10 top people instead of maybe 50 or 100.

    I can sure tell you who has the most complaints... Motor Meister.

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    Great thread.

    Any opinions/experience on Stoddard as far as early engine rebuilds?
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    If needed, I would send the MFI to a specialty shop for rebuilding. If the shop gives you permission, you do the legwork chasing down major expenditures. See if your shop can work with you in this regard as it might keep the bottom end ($$ that is) within reason.

    There are several qualified shops across the country. Maybe pick one close to you, but Andial, Rennsport and Supertec (in no particular order) come to mind. The others mentioned are referenced by past customers. That's good too.

    Our own Chuck Miller completed his rebuild by getting some assistance from a pro wrench who makes house calls. Maybe there's someone in your area who fits that description. Ask around. You'll find the Porsche community quite helpful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JCR
    Great thread.

    Any opinions/experience on Stoddard as far as early engine rebuilds?
    No personal experience, but I understand that they are excellent.
    Hal Michael
    2008 Audi RS4
    2006 Porsche Cayman S
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