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Thread: Rare option?

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    Rare option?

    Here’s a picture that was recently discussed on the Stockholm early 911 forum. Notice the headlight washers. I've never seen that on an early car before.

    The picture is apparently the first ever paparazzi photograph taken in Sweden, showing a then 27-year old Crown Prince Carl Gustaf and Silvia Sommerlath (now King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia) on the island of Öland in the summer of 1973.

    The king has maintained his great taste in cars ever since.
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    Smile A king's car

    I believe that there were local regulations for some Scandanavian countries that were interesting 'one offs"
    I was at Werks 1 having something done to my tourist delivery 911S in 1974 and I was looking at the cars parked in the surrounding courtyards(try doing that today!!) when in drove a similar 1973(?)car to the Kings with the same headlight wipers.
    At the time I thought that the wipers were a test for maybe next years options list.About the same time I noticed a G series 911 with the next years headlight washer system on.It was an awful pink colour !
    What you see when you dont have a camera !!
    Both however could have been Scandinavian cars.
    I also understand that mud flaps were mandatory on Scandy cars but I dont know from what year.
    OT - I made good friends with the Tour guide at the time (1974)who was a Norman Rosenkrantz from Florida.His father lectured Psychology at Miami Uni.
    Anyone heard from him these days ?

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    Do I see dual antennas?
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    Do I see 100 octane fuel.

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    And a right Durrant mirror. Wasn't Sweden a RHD market in those days?

    BTW I used to work at Ford AVO in the mid seventies when they were building the Escort RS2000. They built a blue car with yellow side stripes as a one off and were amazed when they got a load of orders for the colour scheme from Sweden as they hadn't realisd it was the national flag colours

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick-moss
    And a right Durrant mirror. Wasn't Sweden a RHD market in those days?

    BTW I used to work at Ford AVO in the mid seventies when they were building the Escort RS2000. They built a blue car with yellow side stripes as a one off and were amazed when they got a load of orders for the colour scheme from Sweden as they hadn't realisd it was the national flag colours

    From Wikipedia:

    Sweden had left-hand traffic (Vänstertrafik in Swedish) from approximately 1736 and continued to do so well into the 20th century. Despite this virtually all cars in Sweden were actually left-hand drive and the neighbouring Nordic countries already drove on the right, leading to some confusion at border crossings. The Swedish voters rejected a change to driving on the right in a referendum held in 1955.

    Nevertheless, in 1963 the Riksdag passed legislation ordering the switch to right-hand traffic. The changeover took place on a Sunday morning at 5am on September 3, 1967, which was known in Swedish as Dagen H (H-Day), the 'H' being for Högertrafik or right-hand traffic.

    Since Swedish cars were left-hand drive, experts had suggested that changing to driving on the right would reduce accidents, because drivers would have a better view of the road ahead. Indeed, fatal car-to-car and car-to-pedestrian accidents dropped sharply as a result.
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    The extra antenna is probably for radio contact with the police (bodyguards).

    I know that Sweden-delivered cars came with dual mirrors but I also hear the Swedish guys complaining that it's impossible to see anything in either of them.

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    Japan and Sweden had two durants in -73. It seem like the mounting place was changed. The -72 cars might have them mounted dirrently, I have yeat to see a untuched swedish delivery car. I have a Japan spec -73 E coming to me from SF with this od mirrors. We thought someone changed doors and done a lousy jobb mounting them but I ran in to a untuched M471 that had the exact same mounting. (Se other posting). It is said that there is a mounting instruction in the workshop manual but I do not have one awailable.

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    like always the swedes where difficult to deal with)

    as a norwegian i know..

    i think all cars needed to have headlight washer to get them registerd in sweden.
    I have been working a lot with another classic car from the same time , the Datsun 240z , and the only contry in the world they need to put headlight washers on them to.

    ps... Norway is celebrating 100 year since we where "free" from sweden, it the only "freedom fight " who didnt have any war...we say we dont celebrate this but only marking the event.

    but still for us norwegian to win in sports ect is not the most important .. but to beat the swedes
    i work with sculptures on wheels

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    What about taste in women? She's fine.

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