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Thread: SWB Roll Bar Options

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    This a very hot topic. And as a track day participant, one I continuously watch through the various forums etc.

    There is much to be said for the all or nothing mentality with safety equipment. That is get a full roll cage, six point harness and only drive the car with a helmet. This isn't necessarily practical so some guidelines have to be thought about.

    1. If you have harness that will not allow your body/torso/head to duck in the event of a roll over, then make sure you have a roll bar to prevent the cave in of the roof snapping your neck.

    2. If you have a roll cage/bar then wear a helmet at all times unless there is no way your head can contact it in the event of a collision.

    There is also much debate over 4/5 and 6 point harnesses.

    In early 911s i've seen roll bars that seem to be far enough out of the way that a collision with the head can't happen, so I would make sure that this is what you are using in a street driven car. Otherwise don't bother and by the same token don't use a harness.

    I am also looking at putting a roll bar in one of my early cars, but more for looks than anything as I really have no intention of agressively tracking the car. But more than likely I won't bother

    My track car of choice is a modded Subaru WRX STi. I do use a harness bar and a four point harness on track. The Subaru has standard integral rollover protection that makes me comfortable using the harness. The four point provides similar anti submarining action to a 3 point if adjusted properly (another issue) and keeps me in place while driving "spiritedly". I've thought about caging this car but then it wouldn't be usable as a daily driver. I certainly wouldn't want my kids in the car with any metal cage near them. I of course wear a helmet on track too.

    Just something to think about.


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    The first pic is a factory rollbar in a SWB. The second pic is a TRE rollbar in my friend's SWB. Note the height and positioning.
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    Thanks for bringing the TRE bar to my attention. I did not know it existed and I did not know the factory had one. I found that web site searching for TRE after you mentioned them!

    I had been looking at 'half cages' since I drive mine everyday, but I like this option much more. A bit more protection from nasty SUVs but still really period.

    As soon as I can wangle the dosh, I will be placing an order for one. Should fit nicely with my 73 RSR seat and sort where I need to run the sabet harness.

    I didn't see a version w/o the cross brace. Is it on their webpage and I just missed it? Also, might you happen to know if it requires the front attachment plates welded in like the 'factory safety bar'?


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    There are several versions available from TRE and they are not all on the website. I have asked Dave from TRE to reply to this thread and share all the info on the roll bars they offer.
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    Thank you for the interest in our roll bars. All mount as the factory intended- rear seat hinge mounting points, and weld in threaded base plates for the main hoop. All are constructed from 1.5" chrome moly tubing for the main hoop and braces with mild steel tubing for the rear legs. Hardware is included

    These first four pictured all end up in the same position as seen in the TRE equipped car above. The last one's main hoop sits further back- but certainly not out of range where the protection is diminished.

    ST- simple hoop design that replicates the original roll bar as fitted to the 911R and ST models. The rounded main hoop radius allows the use of the oem shoulder harness attachment points $400 in bare metal / $525 in powder paint semi gloss black

    ST- FIA - the same as above but with added diagonal brace from the main hoop to one of the rear legs. $500 bare metal / $625

    ST Club Sport 1- same as FIA model but with added cross brace on the main hoop for driver/passenger shoulder harness installation. $600 bare metal / $725 powder painted

    "Mini" iroc- We take the ST - FIA bar and add the shoulder harness brace in the same location that Penske used on the original iroc RSR's. (Our bar differs from the original iroc as it is slightly smaller diameter, but allows the use of the oe seat belts- the full iroc version does not) $625 bare metal / $725 powder painted . Includes the special aluminum belt guide clips like the original too !

    All the above are for non sunroof (solid top) cars

    Club Sport 2- same main hoop pattern as the above but we moved it back in the chassis, lowered just a little for roof clearance , then added the cross bracing, diagonal, and welded in place shoulder belt guides on the main hoop section. Great for sunroof cars or tall drivers that like to tilt the seats back. Can be used on non sunroof cars too- we can send you the slightly thicker base plates to raise the hoop closer to the roof. Comes in semi gloss black powder paint only $675
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    sorry for a delay- resizing the pics to fit this site
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