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Thread: 911E Cars for Sale

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    71e F/s

    Anyone know this car? I'm suprised it hasn't been posted on this site.
    Stan Carley
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    look up two posts

    It is on this thread.I`m surprised it hasn`t sold when you look at who did the rebuild.
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    Real deal!

    I know this car quite well. It is really well sorted out and the performance is formidable. Earl Green was the previous owner. It has been to RGruppe. The three Oregon owners that I am familiar with all took exceedingly good care of this vehicle. Some stone chips on the hood and front bumper are the only real shortcomings that I can think of. These should be easily remedied. I personally think that it is a great buy. I have no interest in the sale of this vehicle, although I would love to see it stay in the beautiful PacWest!
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    71E For sale..PNW

    Thanx for the plug Howard!

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    Here's a great example of an ad by someone who knows just enough to be dangerous.

    '73 E Targa

    Ebay #320191090706

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    69 911e porsche - $19000 - Las Vegas
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    Quote Originally Posted by mycarrera2.7rs
    Hey I bought this car.

    The description you see here and my phone conversations with Jack (J.P.) Molinier also known as, Mycarrera2.7rs, lucerne629, and did not prepare me for the car I received. And I thought people here might have some advice for me.

    Firstly the car I got did indeed have rust, surface rust on the whole gas tank underside, rust enough in the rear area to separate the undercoating and rust through in the rear back seat area.

    Secondly when I went out to where I had the car delivered I found that the car would not run. At first we thought it was a bad battery so we replaced that. But that didn't help. It turned out the carbs were full of junk which was why the car would not run. Maybe Jack never used the car and it sat for three years as the license plates had a 2004 registration. Jack had told me on the phone that he had had the engine out and replaced the engine area sheet metal and fixed the oil leaks. The car when it came had prodigious oil and even gas leaks.

    Jack had also removed the gear shift knob for some reason and the nice patina interior meant a large hole in the drivers seat and door pockets that would just hang there. The tach did not work, the high beams and emergency blinkers didn't work, there were paint drips on the bumper, there were holes in the fender from a missing passenger side mirror.

    I had the car at first delivered to a good but general mechanic, Bryan at Independent Motorworks in who spent a good bit of time getting the car drivable. Jack didn't feel any of the issues I have mentioned were anything at all so I took it over to a Porsche 911 only fellow, Gene at Autohaus in Chatham NJ. Driving it over to Gene's it felt like a junker with incredible amount of loose-ness and a very strange gas pedal response. Jack had told me that unless you were racing it you would not really notice that much difference between a Targa and coupe. That was certainly not the case with this car. What a mess.

    So what do I do? Do I try to fix the car and sink more money into it? Do I try to sell it now and try to get back hopefully most of what I spent so far? I do have a claim in with ebay but it's hard to know what will happen with this. I wanted the car Jack described and I paid $34,500 so I think I should fix it but am afraid of what the cost would be once I fix the rust, the interior and the mechanical issues. I could just try to sell it but then wouldn't I have to be just be like Jack to get back the price I paid or not make my money back if I mentioned the cars issues?

    Thanks for your advice. Yale

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    I read the eBay description, and I would not have expected the car to arrive not running, etc.

    Too-clever sellers will avoid showing the unsatisfactory parts of the car. you'll note there is no photo of the driver's seat in the original ad.

    What has the seller offered to do to make this right?

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