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Thread: 911T Cars for Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAM View Post
    I about choked when I saw this listing on eBay today:

    This car (9111110809) was for sale in Sarasota Florida for $9k a couple of weeks ago, so I went to have a look at it while I was down there looking at another early 911. This thing was beyond rusty (all edges of the pan, boxes, battery boxes, etc), and loaded with bondo. The ad says "It was painted three years ago, looks pretty fresh but it was not a very expensive paint job"... that's the understatement of the year- this car looks like it was painted with a roller in a dust storm. The ad mentions "The hood does not close as the latch is misaligned due to a minor accident in the past"... but neglects to mention the fact that the hood is full of bondo and lead to make it heavy enough to stay down since the latch isn't there anymore. It also leaks like a siv and while it did eventually start, it smoked like no tomorrow and barely ran 3 minutes untill it stalled and wouldn't re-start. The owner also told me he re-wired the car himself, so not sure how much that had to do with the running problems (and noticeable miss) Before anyone sends this guy a dime, make sure you see the car yourself and have a PPI done so you know exactly what you're buying.
    Back on eBay...above post from 2011...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOUGS73E View Post
    Very pricey for a NON-concour quality restoration . . .
    Craig's List (Real Muscle Exotics and Classics, Miami, Florida)
    1972 Porsche 2.4L ROW 911T Coupe
    VIN: 9112501487
    Engine: 6522564
    Trans: 7328015
    Color: Light Yellow/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: 13,373 km (indicated)
    Price: US$129,500

    Attachment 470169

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    Attachment 470176

    Dealer Description:

    RMC Miami now offering the best 911 T on the market right now. This particular model was imported from Japan where the recent nut and bolt restoration took place. The Photos below speak for themselves. From the engine bay to the floor boards the entirety of the car is so clean it could easily be put into any concourse display.

    Exterior wise and interior wise the car is mint, there is nothing needed to be done. The light yellow paint is flawless and looks stunning from every angle.
    The seats look fantastic sporting rare optioned Porsche crest seat belts. The carpeting is all brand new and underneath the carpets the floors are in
    amazing condition. Sit in the driver seat and taking a look around you feel like your in 1972, the headliner the dashboard everything is like new.

    The 911 T (Touring) has a 2.4-litre engine across the range for 1972. This Car is fueled by Zenith 40 T1N carburetors, and the 2.4s were first to receive the new 915 five-speed gearbox.

    Wind up windows and iconic sunroof delete make this super cool vintage car that much more desirable. However, it's for the notorious 'Oil Flap' that the '72 cars will be remembered. For just one year of production in 1972, in an attempt to move as much weight as possible towards the center of the car, the oil tank was re positioned inboard of the right rear wheel arch, resulting in the introduction of an external oil filler cap on the right-hand side rear wing behind a flap ('Oel Klappe'). The propensity for petrol station attendants to fill the oil tank with fuel, and the resulting warranty claims, quickly persuaded Porsche to change the design and 1972 'Oel Klappe' cars became difficult to sell, possibly resulting in their comparative scarcity today. As is often the case, that rarity has resulted in the 'Oel Klappe' cars now being the most desirable.

    Early 911s possess a certain purity of line, particularly in lighter colors, a complete world away from the aerodynamic extravagances of the eighties and nineties, and in terms of style, it's the early cars that engender the most appreciative glances. A well set-up and maintained 911 T, driven with an intelligent right foot will provide some of the most quintessentially rewarding driving experiences you have ever had, and even the 130 bhp 911T, will leave you with a serious grin.

    Appears to be original motor and transmission within correct number ranges.
    Now on eBay...
    Peter Kane

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    FS: @BaT - 1973 2.4L 911T Coupe

    Bring-a-Trailer Website Auction
    1973 Porsche 2.4L 911T Coupe, Lot #41877
    VIN: 9113102447
    Engine: 6134539
    Trans: -
    Color: Red (originally Tangerine)/Beige-Tan Leatherette
    Mileage: 26,640 (indicated)
    Auction Estimate: -
    Sold for: TBD

    Name:  73T BaT 1.jpg
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    Name:  73T BaT 5.jpg
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    Name:  73T BaT 8.jpg
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    BaT Description:

    This 1973 Porsche 911T coupe was reportedly delivered new to a US service member in Europe on April 17, 1973 and was acquired by the seller approximately 12 years ago. The car is finished in red over tan vinyl and is powered by a 2.4-liter flat-six paired with a five-speed manual transaxle. Features include chrome trim, front and rear bumperettes, dual side-view mirrors, an Alpine cassette stereo, Kettering ignition, a sport muffler, SSI heat exchangers, and 15” cookie cutter wheels. Work in 2020 reportedly included overhauling the brakes, refreshing the fuel delivery system, replacing the carpets, and partially resealing the engine. This 911T is now being offered with service records from current and past ownership, and a clean Michigan title in the seller’s name.

    Originally finished in Tangerine, the body was reportedly repainted in red during previous ownership. The hood and deck lid struts have reportedly been replaced, and features include chrome trim and side-view mirrors, black horn grilles, US-spec “sugar scoop” headlight trim rings, and black rubber bumperettes. The seller notes that the left front bumperette is cracked, and reports that the driver-side front fender and hood were replaced under previous ownership following damage from vandalism.

    The 15” cookie cutter wheels are wrapped in 195/65 Widetrack SR tires that should be replaced due to age. The seller reports that the brakes were overhauled over the last year with a rebuilt master cylinder and calipers as well as replacement hoses and hard lines.

    The cabin features tan vinyl-upholstered bucket seats reportedly sourced from a 911SC along with a black dashboard, tan door panels, and replacement carpets. An alarm system and Alpine cassette stereo are fitted, and the seller states that the A/C compressor has been removed. Noted issues include cracks in the dash and sagging door pockets. Photos showing the floors with the seats and carpets removed are viewable in the gallery.

    A leather-wrapped four-spoke steering wheel fronts a suite of VDO instrumentation including a rebuilt 8k-rpm tachometer, a 150-mph speedometer, an analog clock, and auxiliary gauges. The five-digit odometer shows just over 26k miles, approximately 2k of which have been added by the seller over the last 12 years. Total mileage is unknown.

    The 2.4-liter flat-six features Bosch CIS fuel injection and was reportedly rebuilt under previous ownership and fitted with Kettering ignition, a sport muffler, a fuel pump cutoff switch, pop-off valve, SSI heat exchangers, and hydraulic chain tensioners. The seller reports that the fuel injectors, pump, fuel distributor, and cold-start valve have been cleaned, and the fuel system has been refreshed with a rebuilt warm-up regulator, and a replacement pressure accumulator, injector seals, and fuel lines. The results of a compression test and fuel injector tests can be seen in the gallery, and a video of the fuel injector test can be viewed here. additional replacement parts in the last year are said to include the following:

    - Oil return tubes and seals
    - Breather cover gasket
    - Wilwood valve cover gaskets
    - Lower Turbo valve covers
    - Alternator belt
    - Spark plugs
    - Battery

    Engine stamping *6134539* is shown, and matches the number written in the factory maintenance booklet. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transaxle. The seller reports that the clutch cable, transmission shift rod seal, shifter bushing cup, and shift coupler bushings have been replaced. Additional underbody images are provided in the gallery.
    Doug Dill

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    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    The red 73 needs some TLC and maybe a color change back...but, maybe it ends up a deal for someone.

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    FS: @Driver Source - 1970 Porsche 2.2L 911T Coupe - Sportomatic

    September 2020 - Listed at Driver Source for US$74,250
    Driver Source, Houston, Texas
    1970 Porsche 2.2L 911T Coupe
    VIN: 9110101325
    Engine: 6108289
    Trans: 7200801 (Sportomatic)
    Color: Silver Metallic/Black Leather
    Mileage: 56,208 (indicated)
    Price: US$69,750

    Name:  DS 1.jpg
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    Name:  DS 3.jpg
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    Name:  DS 4.jpg
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    There's a lot going on there, between the body conversion and the engine compartment...

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    My 1970 911T for sale on BaT:
    David Nelson

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    1995 911 Carrera

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gngroup View Post
    My 1970 911T for sale on BaT:
    Name:  70T BaT 0.jpg
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    Name:  70T BaT  2.jpg
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    Doug Dill

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