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Thread: Some early 911..: R.I.P.

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    Some early 911..: R.I.P.

    Thread from 2009 - pictures again uploaded 2018.

    Today I visited a very strange place. The owner wants to turn it into a museum. Since the thirties, hundreds of cars are stored, most beyond repair. Some 356 and 911. According to the owner, one white/red stripe 911 was an ex- "Max Moritz" (RSR ?) race car. Anybody recognize this car ?

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    Hello Karim

    Have you got the time to identify their chassis numbers and maybe engine numbers ?

    Is there a possibility to buy them or definitly not ?


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    I know now the "barn find story" chaser are coming in..
    I checked the front area and could not find a number. The area was cut out (for larger tank ?). However, the car has clearly racing equipment. There a two stickers attached on the steel cage next to drivers door. Anybody recognize the paint stripes. ?

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    Yikes! In which country is this located?
    Peter Kane

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    I have seem pictures of this place for years ,

    the owner does not want to sell anything.....and wants it to be a museum

    I am sure people with lots more money than us have tried

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    Site is located in would not guess it.
    Appearantly he is very reluctant to sell cars but now the state wants to clear the site due to enviromental hazards. Turning it into a museum is his last try...

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    Wink Museum!?!


    This is great stuff! You should try and save the RSR before it's too late....A museum seems unlikely no? so chances are he will sell the cars eventually. I don't recognize the car but it sure looks like a proper racing car to me.....

    Milou / Registry #884

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    Karim, I just sent you a PM.

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    It looks like a '72 to me.

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    Museum? Must be some sort of tax loophole in Switzerland. In most parts of the U.S., that would be called a bone yard (euphemism for junk yard). Is the "museum" operational as shown?

    Where's the gift shop?


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