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Thread: Some early 911..: R.I.P.

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    Old thread but new post!

    I today was contacted about the Imsa racer above in post 49
    Here more to the story - cant verify content, but here the info.

    „The car in the pics in the yard - believe it or not, I found the chassis number for the car - 119-22-0830.

    It was shipped out to Porsche of America Corp in May 69, and there is a suggestion from the Kardex, which has no sell-on or first owner info, that the car was one of the 1969 Porsche of America Racing Team (PART) 911s which did the 1969 Trans-Am. We have two of the chassis numbers, but not the third.

    We do know for sure that Bob Bergstrom bought the car in 1973 "race ready" and with it won the '73 IMSA GTU title.

    Car lay unused for a year until Bill Freeman bought it. It was ill who gave us the chassis number. He says this is the car he shared with Paul Newman in 1977.

    In 1978 Bill converted the car as a 935 clone - Bill sent me a load of pics of the car being built-up from the bare shell, which was blue'ish, like in the pics - see attached before the serious work started on joining the cage to the shell

    Raced by Freeman '78 Sebring, then again in at Sears Point by Bob Harmon. 1979 to RSR Associates and Tom Marx as an RSR, then it was re-bodied AIR style, then apparently to a Swiss junkyard sometime after Tom switched to his yellow car... “

    Pics from 2009
    Name:  4CF9DCF3-197F-4219-BDC0-2ADA7457620B.jpg
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    Not a '69 shell.

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    Good picture of this car on page 16 of Dec '13 ESSES in the Michael Hammond article.

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    Oil filter console mounting looks like 72.

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    Same car at Marx's shop in LA, "The Porsche Factory" which became just "The Factory" . Still in the 935 bodywork. These are from a Jan of 1979 episode of, "The Rockford Files".
    Racing Assoc. left the paint scheme but changed to RSR/GTO bodywork
    Notice how they changed the PORSCHE spelling on the bldg
    Hoseman's (sponsor on the bumper)was a body shop in Riverside that did a lot of Porsche race cars body and paint

    Name:  RF-The-factory.jpg
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    Wow, beautiful pics.
    I was asked to verify if the car sold back then or went to the crusher.
    Will report asap
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    This is Forum.


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    Thumbs up

    The 'Porsche Factory' Independent Service is where most or my second owner mid '80's service records came from... small world...

    Nice vintage pics...

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    I now can confirm the car was sold off at auction in 2009 to a foreign country adress (Export from Switzerland).
    Auctioneer cannot provide owners adress, due to privacy issues.

    Lot 711


    Lets wait until its owner pops up...would be interesting.
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    Has this 1969 911E race car 119220830 resurfaced? It had a very extensive race history according to RacingSportsCars including a 10th overall and first in class at the 1973 24 hours of Daytona

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