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Thread: Show me satanic details...please.

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    Show me satanic details...please.

    Please share your pics of those devilish details. They can be exceptionally executed, well thought out, black sheep thinking, or anything that stopped you in your tracks and you had to zoom in and snap a shot.
    Here are a few details that of member's cars that I snapped:

    1. Nicest non-restored 914-6 wheel. This belongs to my buddy Rich.
    2. Not clock delete but clock substitution. There are "times" I am tempted to stick a cheapo digital clock on my clock delete. What is it? Please tell me more.
    3. Love this color combo!
    4. Leather door stays! Brilliant!
    5. Nice little decal detail - gonna have to copy that one!
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    6. Clever.
    7. Great wheel stud length with taper.
    8. Excellent headlight assembly (Marchals and early 65-67 USA assemblies).
    9. Nice triple out muffler with cap - typical Sycip craftsmanship.
    10. Great finished with brackets - I photoshopped the lic plate.
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    11. I have always liked multi use stock parts in this case the oil catch tank.
    12. That hurt.
    13. Noting the double grooved door pull along with mounting hardware on this facotry build car.
    14. Love these Emory touches on Thornton's 912R.
    15. Wiper delete detail.

    I have more but let's see some from all the great cars here.
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    the devil is in the details

    Great thread, would love to see more. Here's one I like: lockable glove box door is also easily removed to spare a few ounces at the track:
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    Unfortunately do I not have a picture but the Silver w. green stripes 68L (ex Don / porsport?) at Canepa has a very handy tool bin above the rear seats. You can see it here:

    The picture below I posted before but can not find it. It's from the 68 EC car, driven by Pauli Toivonen. As you can see was the brake handle cut and re-welded under a slightly different angle.

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    Richard - Ahearn's silver car is in my neck of the woods. The jack lift decal and clock substitution posted above are from that car. I have pics of the tool and will post those later. My friend took measurements and we plan to make our own. There is a rumor that these will soon be offered.
    I'm sure I have some glove box delete pics as well.
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    Oil Cooler Lines

    Shot of oil cooler lines that we fabricated for my '67 911 Coupe:

    Might paint them black sometime, but I like the way they look for now.

    And 911R style rain hats just posted in another thread here:

    Haven't decided to keep it this way - still looking for a good air filtration solution. We're snowed in here in Central Oregon so maybe I'll leave it this way and just look at it all winter until driving season.

    Resources for Hardcore Air-Cooled Porsche Enthusiasts”
    John Audette - Porsche Lighting Anorak
    Store: BEST-IN-CLASS Air Cooled 911 Parts =>
    Site: The Air Cooled 911 Light Resource =>

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    Sick of winter already

    and it's only just started. Counting the days to spring and my dose of vitamin P
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    Transponder mount anyone?

    At a recent track event my transponder mount melted (don't ask) leaving the transponder in the middle of the first turn, where for the next half hour about 30 cars drove over it. Amazingly, it kept on ticking. Anyway I needed a new mount and a new location. The usual locations on the inside fender well are impossible to reach without pulling a wheel. As I drive to and from the track, I wanted a spot I could reach without disassembling the car. Found this under the right front fender. I'm not proud of the execution here; what you see is the result of a flawed initial design modified several times to make it work. But the concept might be useful to someone. The front of the car is at the right.
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    santa barbara
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    73 Targa (much beloved, sold and off to a fine new home in San Francisco)

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    the devil made me do it

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