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Thread: Show me satanic details...please.

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    Senior Member CurtEgerer's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    1. Catch can in genuine 73 RSH.

    2. 1971 FIA Rear Seat Extensions

    3. Hood Pins

    4. Dash Timer Bracket

    5. Skid Plate
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    Special made steering wheel hub extension for tall Germans:

    Michael Moenstermann
    Osnabrueck - Germany
    Early 911S member #1052

    'While accelerating the tears of emotion have to flow off horizontally to the ears.'
    'Understeer is when you see the tree you are hitting, if you only hear the tree then it was oversteer'.
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    front bonnet hinges

    In the spirit of Curt's post above these are Pics of the lightweight modifications to the front bonnet hinges of the 1970 TdF Larrousse / Gelin ST. External hinges as shown both save a lot of weight and allow the bonnet to fold back as shown providing better access and no need for supports.
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    Hugh Hodges
    73 911E
    Melbourne Australia

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    Refering to the pic above... Don't forget the swiss cheese hood support. Pretty cool, but I don't think I could bring myself to do that.

    Curt, I really like that Jack placement. Great job. I chose not to go the heavy Bilstein way and use an Al 944 jack. I just need to figure out a trick way to mount it.
    Scott H.
    1969 Coupe LtWt
    1970 914-6 GT
    1973.5 911T

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    Tool bin and door storage on the Collier R.
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    '74 leichtbau
    R Grp 246
    S Reg 823

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    This thread is sublime

    Love the content.
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    1. Headlight retainer
    2. Tool holder (from Don A's rallye car)
    3. Close up of tool holder
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    Good stuff guys - keep em' coming!

    1. Hella engine compartment light on Ahearn's Silver 68L. I have one as of today thanks to Fritz.

    2. Rear bumper guard delete on Ahearn's Orange 68L.

    3. Yellow cad plated door bolts instead of body color on Ahearn's Orange 68L.

    4. Factory rear tow hook/tie down on Ahearn's Orange 68L. Thanks to Andy Boyle for sending me this hard to find item.

    5. Tire tie down on Ahearn's Silver 68L.

    All pics of Ahearn's cars posted with permission.
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    888888 eL, Oph'eL'ia

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    1. Deleted undercoating compartment details on Ahearn's Orange 68L. Great reference material.

    2. Deleted headliner on Ahearn's Orange 68L.

    3. Battery cut off switch on Ahearn's Silver 68L - noting location.

    4. Smuggler's box detail with blower on Ahearn's Silver 68L.

    5. Smuggler's box detail sans blower on Ahearn's orange 68L.

    Interesting to note the difference between two 68Ls.
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    1. Angelic devilish detail on a 356 during Monterey Historics.

    2. Later suspension with cooling duct on this SWB. I always peek under all SWBs to see if they're running a later suspension.

    3. ST horn grill from the Sycip clan.

    4. Love the decal.

    5. Love the pedals.
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    888888 eL, Oph'eL'ia

    Instagram: werk_crew

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