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Thread: An Introduction . . . and A Request

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    An Introduction . . . and A Request

    Introduction . . . . and a Request

    I’m a new dues-paying member of the 911S Registry and this is one my first postings. I’ll start with an introduction.

    My name is Rick Kreiskott, member #1395 and I’m located in Tustin, California. I’ve had a lot of different cars, but only had one Porsche so far, a lovely little 1960 Roadster that I drove and enjoyed for about a dozen years before passing it on.

    I love to drive (still) and all of my cars are drivers. Some have been cleaner and prettier, but any car I own is set-up --- and kept-up --- to go anywhere, any time. Seriously. I took a ‘real’ M3 on the Trans-Alaska Highway up to Fairbanks a while back; 8500 miles, solo. I can tell you that it’s 25 hours from Abbottsford BC to my place in Tustin, that it’s 22 hours to Dallas, and that Amarillo is half-way when I’m going cross-country. If anybody asks me about going for a drive --- you don’t have to ask twice.

    Anyway, this is a Porsche group. I came to Porsche through my experience with Volkswagens. When I was growing up, VWs were garbage basically, or so I thought. To me, the best cars were American and the bigger, the better. That is, until I got outta school and had to drive 80 miles a day to and from work in my big bad Trans Am. Nine MPG comes to mind (on the highway!) Anyway, my sister had moved off to school and had left her ‘68 Bug behind, and she’d asked me to look after it for her. I didn’t touch the nasty thing, except to turn the engine over every week or so. Then? I drove it once, when my car was low on gas. And I found out that that dumb, nasty little VW used as much gas in a week as my Super Duty burned in a day. Made an impression. I don’t think I’ve owned a big car since. When I gave my sister her car back, I got my own VW. I wanted something a little more special so I went out and found a 1500S coupe, better known as VW’s own ‘Notchback.’ It was lot prettier than a Bug but was still easy to own and maintain. If you can adjust valves, change oil, and rotate tires . . . a VW will just about run forever. I put a couple hundred thousand miles on it, then sold it. Wanted to move up. To a Porsche.

    So the Porsche 356 seemed like the next step. It's a lot like a VW: torsion bars, push-rods, 6-volt electricals, etc. Which is a good thing. But it’s also completely different: no pan, hand-built welded-up body, double the horse-power. Now when I was growing up the late 60s and early 70s, Porsches were invisible to me. And the 356? What a joke! Narrow cambered tires tucked-up under goofy 40s-style bodywork, with 75 hp? But after pounding around for a couple of hundred thousand miles in a couple of VW's air-cooled anachronisms . . . the whole Porsche thing made a different impression. The Roadster I finally found was a beater. But it was just about the niftiest mechanical thing I’d ever seen: even 30-years-old and beat, it was beautifully built, tight and rattle-free, and a real pleasure to drive; simple mechanicals, smooth lines, doors that clicked shut with my finger tips, tight shut-lines. I still think that the 356 is kind of an acquired taste, appearance-wise . . . but they sure are easy to use and live with. And very special.

    But? The cars are slow, slow, slow. Especially for the money. Mechanically they're more than sturdy enough, but taking all that hand-made bodywork out to the kinds of places and on the sorts of roads I like to go . . . was just not fun. Or smart.

    Which is exactly why I’m here. I always wanted to own a 911, but kinda held off. Having an old Porsche isn’t a casual thing for me, and an old 911 will fill a special place for me. . . one that's been empty since the Roadster went. I don’t have much experience with 911s; I’ve only driven a handful of 'em, all 1983-or-newer. (Not counting some 996 GT3 time --- Plan B for now.) My standard for small high-performance cars is BMW’s original M3, a car I’ve owned for most of the last 15 years. So looking at the numbers, an early 911S has similar power, but weighs several hundred pounds less ---- a combination that looks pretty attractive. I loved my Roadster, so I’m excited at the prospect of a light, tight car with a lot more power. Plus, 911s, especially the early ones, have a reputation for being kind of a handful.

    So I'm gonna to find out for myself.

    Which brings me to The Request.

    I’m here looking for a car and I need everyone’s help, so pass this along. 911S Coupe. 1969 to 1971 --- for the dog-leg 901. Numbers-matching per the CoA, with the MFI --- either still on the car or available. I’m looking for a driver, so bumpy bodywork, faded paint, cracked dashes, saggy headliners, crusty upholstery are all just FINE. As long as the basics are sound, any car I get will only get better with time. Promise. I would love to get a car from inside our community, but there are a lot of cars and owners that don’t do clubs or show up at shows, so any tips or leads would be most appreciated. I’m set for a long search and I don’t mind travelling. Whatever I come up with, I expect to own for a while . . . and you’ll get to hear all about it. In the mean time, I’ll put up the vehicles I come across in the classifieds. Looking forward to getting to know more about the membership and the vehicle.

    And hey, to kinda get ready . . . what are the best places that do vintage 911 bodywork? Anywhere in North America.
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    Welcome, sounds like we'll see you on the road.

    There are 3 2.2s' on ebay now, thread in cars for sale.

    Take your time to find a solid car, mechanical is very important but rust can be even more critical. Often because the rust is hidden.

    There is a lot of useful information on the board.

    Glad to have you here and good luck on your hunt.

    Bob Aines

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    Craigslist used to be the place to look, but the secret is out and the ads are plundered daily by profiteers looking to make a buck. This is a tough place to look for cars, too; no deals to be had, but then again, you didn't say you were looking for a deal, so...I think you've approached it the right way. Let folks know you are looking and a car will come your way.

    Best of luck!
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    Thumbs up


    Welcome to the board...

    A good start would be coming out from Tustin to 'The Ventura Show' this weekend.... A GREAT way to get your 'feet wet' and meet a number of the SoCal Early 911 community.... and see a hell'of'a'lot of Early cars... and some of them will be for sale......

    Hope you can make it,

    Chuck Miller
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    Welcome Rick. One of the best introductions ever. Period.
    As Bob mentioned, some cars over on the for sale thread. There was a $39K S mentioned over the last few days but I think it was a 73.
    I am sure you will find a good one here, and most definitely if you wait a little. Rust free or close to it is about the best way to go.
    As Chuck suggested, turning up at Ventura would be a great start and you'll meet some of the great people that hang out here.
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    Well, I'll definitely be at Ventura. I know Bob Campbell, the original organizer, from my 356-days. I think my early 911S bug took hold at one of those shows three or four years ago. I still remember a red '69 'S,' beautifully-used and unrestored, CA black-pate, houndstooth interior, with a 'roof and rear wiper. $36k. Anybody on this board remember that car?

    I'll be sure to stop by our spot and introduce myself. See if I can't put some pics up for those who can't make it. Really looking forward to it.

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    Bought a Car

    I bought a car. As of Friday, 13-Feb, 2009, I’m the fourth owner of 9110301059. Here’s my story.

    I first found out about '1059' in Hemmings, around last Thanksgiving, one small two-line ad: 1970 911S, 36k mi, one owner for the last 22 years. Sounded interesting, but the thing was far away, the holidays were coming up, my wife was changing jobs, blah, blah, blah. So I found the on-line ad, and posted it on the Registry’s ‘For Sale’ page, to pass it along. As it turned out, somebody saw my post, actually drove out and looked at the car, then posted their comments along with some pictures. The photos showed a tidy green car with some minor flaws, but the Writer wasn’t too encouraging. I read the write-up, looked at the photos, and then, like a lot of the things I come across, I just sorta ‘filed it’ in the back of my mind.

    Well, a few days went by . . . and I’d started thinking about that car. I was on the web-site so often, I finally just copied the posting to my desk-top to save time pulling it up. My kind of car; a few issues but all there. The flaws seemed minor: crusty trunk, painted-over fender-to-body seals, but nothing out-and-out fatal. (I’m more of ‘user’ then a ‘collector’ anyway. . . as long as it runs) And 36k miles? What’s with that? The asking price wasn’t cheap --- $58.5k --- but . . .

    So, when the week-end came, I called the number in the ad, left a message, missed the call-back, then called again, finally getting hold of the Seller on a Sunday evening. The Seller had an interesting story, about how he believed that the vehicle was originally delivered in Austria (from a windshield decal), then came to California. The vehicle was bought there by an Eastern Airlines mechanic, stayed for a while, then went to Florida. Later, when Eastern went bust, the car came up for sale, which was where the Seller picked it up, 22-years ago.

    The Seller and I talked for about an hour, that first time. It would be a challenge to do anything from across the country . . . but I had a good feeling. (I’d already gone through one long-distance exchange on another vehicle --- got all the way through the PPI without that Seller even speaking with me directly. Not fun . . . and not cheap. This was different.) The Seller said he’d shown the car to a few people, but no one seemed really interested. And he already sounded a little worn-down by the process. I liked the Seller --- he seemed straight-forward, had some common interests, and we got along on the phone. Plus I liked what I’d heard. So, I asked for some photos, and promptly got them in my e-mail the next day. The pictures showed a honest old car. I liked it.

    Next step was a PPI. I didn’t know anybody in the area, so I contacted a local PCA chapter rep, who recommended a gentleman by the name of John Forbes, at Black Forest Racing, in Lincolnton, NC. I called John, told him what I was doing, and asked him about how he felt about getting involved with a 39-year-old car. We didn’t talk long, but John sounded like he had the experience, and the interest, to help me out. He also had a low-key demeanor that I appreciate. Especially in someone who I might have to work with ---- from 2500 mi away.

    The Seller was about two hours away from John’s shop, and the vehicle had no current registration. So I asked the Seller he would let John pick up the vehicle, trailer it to his shop to do the PPI. The Seller had never met me, or met John --- although he may have heard of Black Forest --- so, I gave him some details, and asked him to think about the arrangements; the next time we spoke, the Seller agreed. So, a few days later, John came by and picked up ‘1059.’

    It’s a good thing, too, because that's about when the Seller’s phone started ringing.

    Anyway, the pre-purchase inspection was a mixed bag. The good news was the vehicle appeared to be an un-crashed, numbers-matching ‘S’ in good condition. From the looks of things, John said that the mileage could be correct: just under 60k km --- ~36k mi. The vehicle was also an un-converted European version, with full Euro lighting, instrumentation, and no VIN sticker. I’d noticed the lights in the photos, but I was excited that it was a Euro version.

    The bad news was that there was rust in the driver’s side outer rocker; there was a actual hole right in front of the jack-spur. Sigh. An after-market electronic ignition fitted by the Seller failed on the first test-drive. The 1st/2nd gear synchro was crunchy. And there was a slow drip at the rear of the engine. But. The closures, floors, and body work looked to be un-hit and intact. The 10-year old re-spray, even though it covered the front body-to-fender seals (ugh!), was good quality. The compression numbers were outstanding. The MFI was fresh and working properly. All five road wheels were true, and even had correct dates.

    Overall, John was pleased. (Actually, although he really tried, John could barely contain himself on the phone.) So we made a short list of issues, then I called the Seller.

    My biggest concern was the corrosion in that outer rocker. While the rest of the car looked beautiful --- especially the floors, inside and underneath --- I couldn’t be sure of what was going on behind that panel. But. I had a good feeling, about the Seller, and about the vehicle, especially after I saw photos of the interior floors, engine compartment, then heard John talk about some of the 39-year-old details on the car that were still intact. The Seller and I did some back-and-forth, then we settled on a price. With an understanding that if something more serious came up, we’d make some adjustments.

    So I bought the car . . . . . without seeing it or driving it. John had been taking photos along the way, then posting them for me to look at, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into. But I would never have done any of this without John, his observations, photos, or opinions.

    Anyway here are some details on the car.

    1970 911S, VIN 9110301059.

    Equipment per the C-of-A:
    engine #: 6301439
    trans #: not available (found to be 7107346)
    exterior color/code: Green Metallic/8383
    interior: ‘Black/Red Leatherette/12

    Optional equipment:
    Automatic 2 point rear seatbelts
    Limited slip differential
    Rear wiper
    Clear windshield
    Comfort package
    Tinted windshield/side glass
    Electric windows

    1059 is not pretty right now, but she’s a solid #3, and a great ‘driver,’ with some work to be done, but manageable. Re-sprayed in the original color, and looks good. (Of course, now that I’ve repaired both rockers, that’s spoiled.) The bodywork looks great, full Euro equipment, including a kilometers-only speedo. (‘As a matter of fact, Officer --- I have absolutely NO idea how fast I was driving!’) Interior's a bit crusty, but everything looks to be there. After-market steering wheel is fitted, but I have the original. Mechanically, she’s good-to-go; John took care of the gearbox and the leak, re-fitted the original ignition, and cleaned and tidied everything up, even refinished the fan. One turn of the starter and the car just purrs. I’m very pleased.

    The car’s still with John --- he wants to work some more on the tuning. If you’re in the area, stop by and visit Black Forest in Lincolnton. I’ll write about some things that turned up during the repairs, as well as some first-impressions from a new long-hood 911 owner, after I’ve done some more driving.

    Thanks for reading.
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    More Pictures

    Some more shots of the dirty parts.
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    More Pictures

    Here's why I had a good feeling . . . 'as found'
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    Hi Rick,

    Looks like you found a nice car. Are you going to drive it home from NC? That would be a fun drive.
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