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Thread: The 4 cylinder 911 engine POLO 4. Type 930/4

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    The 4 cylinder 911 engine POLO 4. Type 930/4

    I was invited out to Dean Polopolus' house yesterday to drive a 356 with a Polo 4 in it. I thought I should share my interesting experience. For those of you who don't yet know about the engine - it is an aftermarket engine based on the 911 air cooled 6cyl but with only 4 cylinders. The advantage is an engine that puts out the same or more power as the 6cyl counter part but weighs 100 pounds less and fits into small spaces.

    Displacement can be anywhere from 2.0L to 2.7L, although Dean is positive that the engine will go up to 3.0L. Horsepower is over 200+ although Dean says 300+ can be achieved.

    Right now this engine is best suited for 356 cars. No one has put one in a 912 as of yet. If one were to build a 912P or 912 Polo car then 911 cars would have a fearsome adversary. I would love to do one of these on a short wheel base 912 someday.

    It is hard to describe driving this engine. Different than a 911 engine and more thrilling than any 4 cylinder engine. It would be worth having a 911 w/6cyl on one side of the garage and a 912 w/Polo 4 on the other side of the garage. Without a doubt the thrill factor is amazing. A must for the guy that has everything but wants something different. It is very torquey and has a power band up to 5500rpm. It kind of feels like a 911E engine with a different exhaust note. Light weight and peppy. More power and better reliability than a 4 cam engine. Dean has these available in kit form and complete engines, someday I would love to come up with a car to put one of these in.
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    Looks like an intriguing motor !
    I may be mistaken but I seem to remember the Emorys doing a similar excercise about 20 years ago ??
    Looks very well engineered.

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    I saw one in McMinnville.I think it appears in this video,but you have to hit the pause button to catch it.Tom
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    It's kind of gruesome to try to do this from memory on an early Sunday am.

    This is a very rough "as I know it".

    Dean was involved with the Emory's on the very first one. Dean built it by cutting up a 911 motor. They put it into a very modified A coupe they called Desperado...they used it in POC, later I understood that they raced it against the big block American cars. I understand they were very successful.....

    Milt Minter drove the car in POC.....

    The motor was then used in the Emory's "outlaw" that they built for the 1998 Monterey tribute to Porsche.

    Fastforward to today, and the Emory's currently have 4 customer cars being built in their shop using Dean motors.

    Dean now uses a case that's casted instead of cutting up motors...

    Again...all very rough from my memory....gonna get some coffee


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    some pics i had saved a while back. not sure if from the same person but very cool never the less.

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    Eric, sounds about right. The first version was a cut 911 case welded together. Milt Minter drove the Emory Desperado car and he loved it. Dean is the creator of the engine and an amazing engineer.

    Now the block is completely designed as a purpose built 4cyl alloy cast case, as is the crank, cams, fan shroud. You modify cam towers by cutting, modify a 3 rib oil pump, modify a Bosch 009 distributor for twin plug (if you go twin plug). I believe Dean has a number of engine ready to be built and a number of engines ready to be sold in kit form. If you are a detailed engine builder then you can build one yourself.

    The completed engine on the stand in my first post is being built for a very prominent Porsche tuner in Germany.

    The best setup so far is a 356 with a 901 transmission, 901 rear suspension, big brakes - you will need them.

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    Check with Pete Stout... pretty sure he has a car to put it in.

    I would say the perfect car would be a rust free 914 (OK... stop laughing) with sleeper steel wheels and a nice suspension. Bag the 356.
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    Any idea who makes those pistons? Very similar to a design I had in mind.
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    Wiring Diagrams

    Hare are some free ones:

    Also, my main 356 Porsche literature website:

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