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Thread: Ten Fifty-nine

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    You can't take any of it with you when your ticket is up, Rick.
    I love the approach and the mindset.
    Enjoy in good health

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    Time and Money . . . and Honor

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Cabell View Post
    . . . was 27 months and 49k just for the engine rebuild? . . .
    Hi, Rick . . .

    . . . you saw Marco's answer

    This job was basically all about just putting an old car back to the way it was when it was new --- your basic re-build back to stock . . . which, as you can see, wasn't quick, easy or inexpensive. But that's not why we took that approach --- to 'keep it stock' . . . and I say 'we' because this is as much Marco's engine as it is mine

    But it's also Porsche's. Still

    Yes, there's been machine work done and parts replaced and some things changed + 'improved' . . . but only as little as practical or necessary. The result is something that I hope honors what Porsche did . . . an engine that is as close to what they built half-a-century ago as we could reasonably manage

    This car will go on --- long after it leaves my garage . . . and I just hope that Next Owner will look at this car and marvel --- as I do . . . at what a lovely thing Porsche built

    I'm just glad Marco took this job and saw it through, and that the results are what they are. This was not an easy project, at all. But he and I are on the same page about what's going on here. And I was fortunate enough to be in a position to be able to do this, now . . . and that Marco was willing to take part

    And, yeah . . . I hug my more-than-a-Mechanic

    Could not do this without cha, Buddy

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    We Can Be Heroes

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    Quote Originally Posted by frederik View Post
    . . . I just picked up a 1970 2.2S a few weeks ago so they would make great twins (on another continent though) . . .
    Good for you, Frederik! I'd like to hear about your car --- and your impressions of driving it. I think you'll really enjoy it

    For me --- the 2.2 cars are the 'sweet spot' for early 911s . . . but really, any of the 66mm-stroke cars. Those short-stroke engines are wonderful and huge fun to drive

    Quote Originally Posted by frederik View Post
    . . . Will be writing up a topic about that . . .
    Yes-yes --- please do! Stories like that are why I come here

    And try to include any pictures --- if you have them? . . .

    . . . especially the bad ones!



    We Can Be Heroes

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    Would love to hear the related stories of Marco’s engine rebuild.

    What were some of the challenges? Which parts were hardest to source? Hardest to get to work correctly? Which parts were found to be aftermarket?

    And, of course, would love to see pics! Thanks for this continuing story.
    Peter Kane

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRanger View Post
    Good for you, Frederik! I'd like to hear about your car --- and your impressions of driving it. I think you'll really enjoy it
    Thanks and will do! So far I just drove it home from the seller but it's much more engaging than my 2.4T. Easier to drive around town than I expected based on what I read -- you can putter around doing 2-3000 rpm all day. But then, around 4000 rpm the engine starts to become more vocal and you get a definite kick in the back around 5500. All the way to 7000, shift to 3rd, and do it again... I can't wait to take it to some nicer roads. I did a PPI with a mechanic I know well and we both thought that the engine could do a little better still so it's now at my local shop for a complete tune-up.

    Also I can't believe how much nicer a coupe is to drive than a Targa regarding wind noise. You could actually drive the coupe as a daily.
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