2.0/2.2 911S Crankshaft, fully prepared by Ollie's for a race engine. Cleaned, Magnafluxed, Polished, Knife-Edged, Center main bearing is grooved, oil plugs cleaned and cross-drilled. Rod journals were ground 0.001" (.025mm) and re-hardened. Standard Ollie's full race crank. ***USES STANDARD BEARINGS*** $1600

2.2 911S Rods, 719g, balanced, re-bushed, re-sized, these are real "S" nitrided rods. Rebuilt by Ollie's subsequently modified by Supertec to accept ARP 2.4/2.7/3.0 high-grade Rod Bolts $400

These parts are perfect and truly ready to assemble. Customer wants to race in a 3.0L class so we are moving the 2.0/2.2L race spares. Satisfaction guaranteed/money back. The parts were done 1 year ago and have been properly stored.

$1800 for the package of crankshaft + rods. Shipping extra.

Thank you,

Scott Kinder