I have a bunch of misc MFI parts for sale:

2.2 911E '010' MFI pump - **Sold**
- A couple of sticky pistons, but clean inside and out - soaking to free pistons right now.

2.0 911E Throttle Bodies
- Fair - some corroded bores on bottom - core for bore out and rebuild?
- no broken mounting ears

2.0 911E Magnesium Stacks
- Great shape with no corrosion or other damage
- Includes set of 6 nylon velocity stacks

2.4 911T Plastic Stacks
- Nice shape - no damage

2.4E - Stacks and Throttle Bodies
- Good shape - small amount of corrosion on 2 bores

Steel MFI fuel lines - $100/set of 6 **SOLD**
- Good shape with no rust

MFI injectors - $120/set of 6 **SOLD**
- No visible corrosion, but could use a good cleaning

Cam Gear - $50
- Good shape

all on eBay now :

Andrew M