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Thread: Original 1973 911 Option and Price list

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    Original 1973 911 Option and Price list

    I was cleaning up my pile of random Porsche papers that I have accumulated over the past 15 years and came across this. It is the original option list with pricing and code from 1973. A guy who was selling an original 1973 911E targa back around 2000 faxed it to me. The items checked off were what came with the car he ordered while living in France. Someone beat me to the punch on the car so I didn't get the car. Sadly, a few years layer I saw that a 73E motor was for sale. It was from the same car. The car had ended up somewhere around JAX Florida, and the next owners daughter totaled the car. :-(
    Thought maybe this list would be fun as conversation for the group here....
    Prices have sure changed on some of these things......
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    A Sportseat from the factory was only $35.50 back then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruen911 View Post
    A Sportseat from the factory was only $35.50 back then!
    Yes, but it was a swap for the original. So it's really only an "upcharge" difference, not a true "add on" option.


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    What's with the two sway bar options, both having the same 404 code?

    Why the difference in price for Konis on the S vs. the T and E? I think it may have been that Konis only came with S calipers in 73. The 73 cars with factory Konis that I have seen all had S calipers. I think that my sample size is 3, which may not be statistically significant!

    Also, this confirms my belief that the front cooler was optional on 73 S's.

    Thank you for posting this. I'd love to see all the model year option lists on the Early S Registry Bulletin Board.
    Tom F.
    Long Beach, CA

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    Good point Tom. Front oil coolers were an option in 1973. Another interesting thing to note is that the most expensive option by far on the list was a/c. It was almost twice as expensive as the second most expensive option: a sunroof. And we all know what worthless POS the early 911 a/c systems were.

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    Thumbs up

    GREAT list!!!!!!!!!!
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    Check out page two where there is a list of the colors. Notice there is a one circled next to Tangerine, and a 2 next to aubergine. I am guessing those were his color preferences in order of desirability. The car that he took delivery on was signal yellow.... ;-)

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    oil coolers were an option on ROW T's and E's but standard on S's . In the US they were option on all models thanks to the importer. When I showed up at the factory to buy lines and cooler for my 73 S, (in 75), they felt so bad they sold me everything for the same price as if I had bought the option. Lines, loop cooler and thermostat.

    '73 S Targa #0830 2.7 MFI rebuilt to RS specs

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    Were you in the US or in Europe when you took delivery of the car? The option list I copied and posted up top came from a guy who bought his car in France and took delivery in Europe before bringing it home.
    Also, when you say you showed up at the factory in 1975, do you mean that you went to Stuttgart or to the dealer where you originally bought the car? I can't imagine anyone shipping the front oil cooler hard lines overseas!

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    Great stuff! Thanks for posting the list.

    It gives 4 more 3-digit codes (401, 412, 477 and 566) to the complete option code list assembled in post #16 of this thread.

    I wonder what difference there is between M 431/432 halogen fog lights and M 566 fog lights?
    1973 911S Targa

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