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Thread: help needed with horn issue

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    help needed with horn issue

    I'm trying to troubleshoot some final bits on small intermittent electrical bugs that haven't been completely resolved, the first being the horn: new horn contact, fuse is good, connections to both horns are good yet when I depress the horn I hear a slight clicking sound but no horn- any ideas? The clicking would indicate that contact is being made I assume- it was working a few months back but then just stopped. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Marco
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    Are you sure the horns are still good? I replaced my 68's horns maybe 10 years ago. When they both stopped working, I assumed it was a bad electrical problem--really, who would expect new horns to both fail in that span of time. When I noticed I was getting clicking from the relays, I took a chance and bought an inexpensive pair of horns on eBay and that did it...
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    Hi Roger- I actually just walked in from having solved the issue- it was a bad relay! I initially thought what you suggested but it would have been odd if both horns had gone bad at the same time, that's why I then thought it was a connection issue.
    1971 911S Silver Metallic
    1970 911E Conda Green
    1974 MFI Carrera

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    Probably your horns, both of them. Take a wire from the + of the battery (ground the other horn contact local) to the other horn pin. If horn clicks, bad horn..


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