I am getting rid of my collection of spare parts-the wife says the house is overwhelmed. Contact me if you see something you want or even if you are interested in a related item. I probably have it. I am selling the following now: (note some price changes and warrantee extension for CDI)
1. Complete pressure fed tensioner kit. NOS except for tensioners which are used-$400.
2. (5)3-pin CDI units 12 MO warantee-$350, with rebuildable exchange-$225.
3. (5)Gated short shifters-Porsche body(05 or 06) and Porsche internals with
custom Seine gate-$250. Add $35 for knob and $19 for new boot.
4. (2)SC/Carrera brass 28 tube cooler(good shock mounts, short oil lines, and mounting hrdwr)-$350. Several aftermarket oil coolers set up for front right fender $275-350.
5. Mocal Oil Thermostat AOT2 -$100. AN12 fittings for Mocal-$20, SC/Carrera Oil Thermostat-911.107.163.OR (good threads)-$250.
6. 1972 911 flexible oil Lines (ask)
7. (1)180 MPH Carrera rebuilt speedo-$495.
8. Complete MFI fuel injection systems*
(4)2.4L 911E (72/73) $2395 Plastic stacks
(1)2.2L 911E (70/71) $2295 Mag. stacks
(1)2.0L 911E (69) $2195 Mag. stacks
(10)2.4L 911T (72/73) $1950 Plastic stacks
10. (3)1972 911S oil console-$325, 1972 911T oil console-$275.
11. Volvo Turbo fuel pump/regulated for MFI applications(3 port direct substitute for Bosch 001)-$325
12. Oil tanks(no patches). Filler tube(<1971)/dipstick/cap/sender-inquire.
(3)1972 911 $350-750(mint), (1)sporto $350.
(3)1966-1971 911 $250-550, (2)sporto $350.
13. Complete Euro Transmission Oil Cooler including gear housing (fits any 915-originally for Euro Carrera 3.0)-$1249 (NOS except for gear housing). Parts from Supertec and Partrick Motorsport.
14. Extra finned oil cooler portion for 13 (goes between pump and gear housing). Excellent condition but used $149.
15. 911 (1969-1973) mufflers-(2)FlowMaster(1/1), Bursch(2/1), Manta(2/4), $150-300.
16. Early (magnesium) and late(aluminum) 915 Transmission noses with or without speedo $150-250.
17. New clutch plate for 1972 915 (225mm) $129.
18. New reproduction aluminum license panel (1969-73) from Restoration Design $100 (free shipping). Restored OEM steel license panel $125-in primer.
19. Early 911 jacks excellent condition used $75-125.
20. 911S front bumper- fiberglass excellent $250.
21. Above bumper 1969-73 fog lights-several sets-give your car that special look-$175-350.
22. Good starter motors 69-73 $75-125.
23. Several used working MFI electric fuel pumps-tested to spec.-$350.

*Included are the following: pump support bracket and AL spacer, oil breather plate with cold start thermostat, oil line to pump, fuel console with bracket and filter, 6 fuel lines, 6 fuel injectors, free moving MFI pump with good pulley, throttle stacks, bodies, crossbar, and linkages, air filter housing, air filter, and snorkel, flapper box for 72/73 air intake.
Inquire about additional parts.

20 years of early 911 collected parts mainly 1970-3. Inquire about additional parts.
Picture available upon request. ( X) indicates units available
email: pgeorge911@aol.com, Telephone 952 835-9969