I have a set of 80mm 2.0 911E Pisotns and cylidners for sale.
These came out of an early aluminum cased engine that showed sings of a rebuild in the past and these P&Cs were obviously part of the rebuild. The engine was torn down to put in larger P&cs and different cams.

The pistons are a matched set of 80mm pistons marked 80v79 (2.0 E) and still show the machining ridge marks on the sides.

The cylinders are matched 80mm biral construction and still show some crosshatching.

These look to be in really nice shape and after cleaning up would be a great retrofit for someone with a T engine or looking to drop a bit from a high compression S. (Compression for the 2.0 liter engines were: T 8.6:1, E 9.1:1, S 9.8:1)

Looking for $450 shipped for the set of 6 pistons and cylinders

Andrew M