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Thread: 1967 911S engine plus 901 S trans! 96216* with 901/02! Very low original miles!

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    Exclamation 1967 911S engine plus 901 S trans! 96216* with 901/02! Very low original miles!

    When was the last time a 100% complete 1967 911S engine and trans was offered? NEVER!


    The engine number is 96216* and the matching 901 trans is a 901/02.

    The engine was removed from a wreck back in the early 1970s and is all original including the Weber IDS carbs! The engine supposedly has only 39,000 original miles! The engine still has period spark plugs and all oil lines are original. Plus the 67S oil tank is still attached!

    Upon inspection by the experts I was told the engine is all original and appears that it has never been apart... There is a very good chance that the engine will bolt into a car and will run great! Sold As Is contact

    Asking $13,000 eng/trans or best offer... May consider selling separately ... Trades considered...
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    The trans is not a LS

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    I'll assume the car is NLA?

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    I saw a 1969 911S+trans listed on cragslist about 10 months ago. I left a message with no response, I figured it was LONG gone... Then 2 weeks later a guy calls me to say he has the engine and trans... I asked him for the ID number and wait another week for a response... He calls me while I am at a wedding and says it is 96216*. I told him that a 69S engine should start 639 and that I had no idea what a 962 engine was but that is not any 911S engine number I am aware of.... I totally forget about the engine then about a week later I remember to check my numbers... Holy SH!T I said that is a 67S engine!!

    He delivered the engine and said that his stepfather had died and that the engine had been in the garage for 35 years...

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    I've actually seen this motor and trans. It's a real time capsule.
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    I just thought it'd be nice to update this thread.

    The person who purchased this motor and transmission contacted me a few days ago and asked if he could drop the motor at my shop so it could be picked up by the shipping company. After some discussion we decided to bolt the motor to our test stand and see what he got.

    After rebuilding the carburetors (which are some of the most perfect, original IDS carburetors I have ever seen) and changing some fuel hose the motor fired right up and settled into a nice, healthy idle. No poking, prodding or adjusting required.

    Chalk another one up to the durability and engineering perfection of the Porsche flat six engine.

    Video to follow...
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    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Sounds great without a muffler.
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    hope you saved some of that vintage bean oil. will be collectible one day : )

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    I told you guys that Engine was a SCORE if you had a 1967 911S! Only 40K orig miles!

    When I offered this engine for sale I made a point of stating that the engine DID NOT need to be rebuilt and only had 40K original miles...

    Where are you ever going to find a Porsche engine with only 40K original miles especially an S Motor?

    I a few guys made low ball offers and others just needed "time to think about it"...

    The motor sold to a guy in Eastern Europe probably never to be seen again.

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    Darn it.... Where's Magnus when we needed him? I'm surprised this one escaped from his radar.
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