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Thread: '68 911 Rally car

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    '68 911 Rally car

    Not sure this is the correct forum for this post, therefore Chuck, please feel free to move it to wherever you feel it belongs.

    Saw this in the Jan. '11 issue of " Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car " with the following ad on page 95.......see attached photo #1, please.

    I took the other photos while the car was for sale at Canepa's in March of '08.
    This car is the real thing. Not quite Concours condition, but clean with good patina. Incidentally, this car was my "model" to write the "Tool & Spare parts Compartment" article for the Esses in '09, and to subsequently build the bin.

    I'm very curious to see what it'll go for in January, and to whom............with all that time having elapsed with "no sale" makes me think this just may be a bargain in the making.

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    That is my old car. The first shot was when I brought it to Rennsport 2, It is now 40,000 miles later on my yellow GT3 in the picture! The Gooding ad is wrong it is not one of 22 of anything. It is probably 1 of 1. They are confusing it with one of the 911 L TA cars. It was just featured in Total 911. It is a very neat car.


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    Thanks for posting that John. I was recently looking for a photo of that car to see the Irish Green against Silver scheme. Wonderful car...

    Don, do you think you could post a photo of the rear please? Thank you.
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    Hallo Don,

    Have a question about the car, its that one of the 28 Porsche 911L 1968 rally/racing cars, which had the special engine 901/30 engine number 3880001-3880028.

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    Interesting John since it appears green only on front lid, I like it.
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    I do not have any pictures to post but there should be some floating around. maybe someone can post what you need.

    It is not one of the 28 Rally kit engines/cars. Different animal. It is a USA L with factory Rally options. I do have one of the 68l Rally Kit cars though...

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    I found one of these cars in Vancouver BC in the early nineties. I was working for VW/Porsche at the time so I researched the number since the car just had so much charisma I knew it had to be something special, albeit in poor condition but not rusty. A friend had it for sale so I felt obliged to tell him that it was a factory rally car. Up until then he had expected to get $5K for it--I offered him $20K and he turned me down, only to sell it later for less but I had moved on... I don't know what became of that car-I cannot find a record of the chassis number.

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    I remember looking at Don's car with Alois at RR II. I didn't realise how much he new about rally cars. Don was gracious and let us open up the car. We took some time and really looked it over. I had never seen a USA car with rally parts. It may be 1/1. Alot of cool features.

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    This car has been listed for sale on Bruce Canepa's site for quite some time. There are more photos of it there.

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    I recall that it was also owned by Phil Bagley, Klub Sport Racing. I saw it at Lime Rock. Was it one of the cars sold by Don to Phil? I believe a few of the secondary accessories were added by Phil. Has anyone other than a dealer owned the car since Don? Don to Phil to Bruce? Did Frank Gallogly also own it at one point? Maybe Tom Papadopoulos or Dave Mohlman?
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