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Thread: Porsche 914/6 collectability

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    Porsche 914/6 collectability

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    Did you count me as 294 or am I 295 for 1970, Raj. I've got #300...

    Which, by the way, is progressing nicely. Today the hydraulics went in...
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    If you know of anyone who's looking I picked up an 914/6 owners manual edition X1/69 a couple of years back at the early porsche event at Ski Roundtop, bought it from Mike Robbins (aka mr 600,000 mile and counting speedster). Be good for it to find a good home.
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    pm sent on book

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    Quote Originally Posted by varunan123 View Post
    And of these most are not in factory correct condition.Now the only question is-Is there really a demand? Yes,i know the conversions will satisfy some demand but it is in no way cost effective at this stage except for some hot rods which seem to hold their own.

    Raj, the demand for perfectly original cars will always be there ... you already know this. However, from a driver's standpoint, a bone stock 914/6 is a lump. A well maintained and good running 2.0L four cylinder 914 is arguably more fun because of the lighter weight and similar horsepower.

    So the watters of demand are muddied by the differences between those who want to collect and those who want to drive.

    Removing "looks" from the equation, let's compare two cars of the same vintage ... a 1970 911S and a 1970 914/6. A bone stock 1970 911S is a true driver's car. It's fast, comfortable, handles pretty well and it can be used day after day as it's farily bulletproof in its construction. For all intents and purposes you could say that the 1970 911S is a car that everyone wants. The 914/6 of the same vintage is significantly slower, far less well-appointed, it handles much better than the 911 due to the mid-engine layout, and they were relatively finnicky cars due to the IDT carburetors. If put to a decision, I think it's safe to say that 99% of the population would choose the '70S over the '70 914/6.

    But, let's say you drop the 2.2S motor from the 911S into the 914/6 ... NOW you've REALLY got something special. You have a car that goes like hell, handles better than it's 911 counterpart, has more storage space and is virtually bulletproof because of the addition of the mechanical fuel injection. You'll get less range out of the 914 due to the smaller fuel tank, but I'd say that the balance of desire has now shifted to around 60/40 in favor of the 911 or even a 50/50 split.

    So to answer your question I'd say that the ones that are not factory correct - i.e. the 914/6s that have been tastefully updated with larger motors and/or better front suspension/brakes - are just as in demand (or not too far behind) as the 911S ... maybe even moreso because there are fewer of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmacar View Post
    pm sent on book
    Damn! You were on that sucker right quick.
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    Love my 914-6's been a porsche owner for quite a few years, owned a 69s,68l,and currently have a 96 993, also own 2 914-6's , they are my choice when i feel the need to drive to the dark side. one is a origional 914-6 renn with a 2.5 ltr twin plug, big tank powered GT and the other is a stock looking 914-6 with steel wheels with hub caps and a origional numbered engine that is also from the dark side as it has a factory 906 engine, feel like a drive now

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    Rick, I'm a purist at heart and I can guarantee there is nothing offensive about your '71 /6 conversion. Should be a lot of fun.
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    Some of these cars are VERY collectible! Sorry for the iPhone shots, but I got a call this very morning from Kerry Morse to met him and Llew Kinst to help load a wonderful "barn find" 914-6 fifteen minutes from my office. Kerry has researched this car to be the 1971 Brumos car thought by many to have been junked long ago. The car has provenance dating back over 35 years -- but has been sitting in a suburban garage for decades waiting to see the light of day. It lost the correct motor before its last caretaker (probably at Vasek Polak -- any ideas where it might be?) but many unique parts and numbers which cannot be faked are still on the car. It's on its way at this moment to Kundensport for a refresh that is intended to preserve much of the wonderful patina.
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    We need more pictures of the find please.
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