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Thread: esses

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    Got mine today. It was opened,so, I think that someone in the post office read it first.That blue Carrera duck tail must have been too much for him to resist!.....Cliff

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    Got mine and it was opened too...

    John and crew, nice job!
    1966 911 #303872

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    Ditto here. Wassup wid dat?
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    Homeland security?
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    Got mine today too.....and it was not in an envelope at all. Must be some Porsche nuts in the Post Office.
    A special thanks to John and the crew for the great job on my 71E Roller project...and more to come. oh yeah! ....I appreciate it.


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    Mine was opened too... and someone ate my porridge!

    Haven't read it yet...waiting for the right feeling to come over me...

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    Oh, and nice article Al!
    1966 911 #303872

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    Got mine usual the content is top drawer. I just love the covers by Nicolas Hunziker. He is an EarlyS member, an R Gruppe member, and a great asset for our passion. Having a world-class artist as 'our enthusiast' always gives us an edge over other marques as his first love is the early 911. He has a very neat 68L with aluminum hood and rear lid. Thanks, Nic for reminding us through your art why we love these cars.
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    must be a new thing at USPS, mine was opened, too , first time ever....

    great read, great content, nice to see some activity on the east coast!
    looking for 1972 911t motor XR584, S/N 6121622

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    If I am credited for pictures does that make me a photo journalist? Can I use it in my autobiography.....

    macroni, a captain of industry, photo journalist, dashing adventurer........,
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