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Thread: 73E Denver

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    73E Denver

    Any of you guys know the car RM is selling in Phoenix. It sent most of its life in the Denver area.

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    It belonged to Dale Thero in Denver at one point.Sat in the Blackhawk collection for a few years priced at 150K.It is a very nice car that I have been in.It has a few idiosyncracies,but over all, better than most.PM me if you want more info.Tom
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    Or you can email me, as I was the owner Tom stated. Dale
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    '73 E at RM Phoenix

    . . . .

    VIN = 9113200727
    Signal Yellow on tan
    Mileage = 49k

    Good original early 1970s 911s are hard to find – by their nature Porsches are driven with élan – and if they aren’t, the end result can be even worse. This car punches a number of tickets right away. First off, it has remarkably low miles at just under 49,000. Secondly, it has all its service records and its original manuals, keys and even window sticker. Third, it’s in one of the top two colors – perhaps only orange has as big a following as Signal Yellow – with a tan interior. Fourth, it has an unbroken ownership trail in the Western US.

    The car was delivered new in 1973 to Joseph Schneider Johnson-Bozzani Porsche dealership in Phoenix, Arizona. He kept it until 1984, when it was sold to Stim Kennedy, Denver, Colorado. Kennedy drove it for two years and sold it in 1986 to Tom Reed, also in Denver. Shortly thereafter, Reed sold the 911E to Terry Padgeham, also in Denver. Padgeham kept the yellow for two years and then sold it in 1988 to Mark and Rita Carver, in Parker, Colorado, who drove it until 1994. At that point Dale Thero, of Littleton, Colorado, bought it and kept it until 2003. That year, Marty Dieffenbach made Thero an offer he couldn’t refuse and drove the 911E until 2007 when Bill Jacobs bought it.

    Yet one more attractive element of this particular 911 is the string of options with which it was ordered. It has a five-speed transmission, Recaro sport seats, 911S gauges, sway bars and oil tank, an oil cooler and tinted glass. But what it has above all is originality. Any car can be restored, but it’s only original once.

    Up for auction Friday, 21-Jan, 2011
    Estmate: $80-100k

    Rick Kreiskott
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    Quote Originally Posted by sithot View Post
    But what it has above all is originality. Any car can be restored, but it’s only original once.

    Where's the (original) steering wheel?
    Must be boxed up with the headlights and turn indicator lenses.......must be.
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    For future reference this one sold for $85,250.

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    interestingly illuminating maths Tom. maybe the porsches are just tractors that are reliable driving horses, and unfortunately preening for profits is not among its strongest traits. maybe commercial success in terms of production volume, and affiliation with the vw beetle, which is even more numerous, holds back the rarified valuation scaled by the astons and ferraris.

    the commercial success of the boxster and cayenne kept the factory running and funded the corporate tilt against VW, but eventually ferrari barely sold a fraction of the car volume, but threw billions to keep winning F1, and that was a better formula if stratospheric collectors prices were the objective. maybe for Porsche you just can't have your cake and eat it too. but rarity will only increase and it will keep inching up, though maybe not spike up like the ferraris and astons. apparently, since i've never driven them, the astons and jaguars have aged terribly poorly, in terms of road handling, braking, etc. unlike the longhoods' continuing practicality and driveability.

    An even more interesting choice of analogy from sterling moss. pretty as the E-type is, the taut compact lines from the rear view of the 911 beats anything on this given saturday. snow dusted, barely lit by yellow mall parking lot lights, dark color car, the haunches are just . . . (lost for words)

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    Quote Originally Posted by varunan123 View Post

    I agree but the only problem comparing the 911 to the 275 and aston is simply volume-there are too many 911's made-for most early 911's have the same silhouette forget T,E or S-60K cars.I am a big fan of the 275 GTB/C is the next GTO in cache and price.They are underpriced in my opinion.

    Interesting analogy Raj : I see it like this, the examples sithot uses are "sexy" cars, Porsche is "athletic".
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    Between a 356 and my 2nd 911, I was unfortunate to have been seduced by a 66 XKE yellow convertible. Like being married to Lindsey Lohan. Never again, I was SOOO happy to find another sucker to pay me 3,500dls for it. Only 1000 less than I had payed for it 1 year previously. It over heated, ate alternators like popcorn.
    I chose my decided on another 911 after having the clutch burn out on a 246 Dino trying to get it out of the underground parking at Sonauto, the Paris Ferrari (and also Porsche dealer).

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