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    Original post......
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    pics taken in Ingolstadt, Audi museum!!! nice!
    great hillclimb cars
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    Nice ! , top photo :

    Willy Bergmeister at speed in the werkes Spiess 'Jagermeister' 1200 TTS (ran 1300's also).

    "Willi Bergmeister, owns a workshop and dealership where Michael Schumacher learned his trade as a car mechanic in the 1980s."

    And in fact he just came out of retirement for a short shot this last year :

    2010 Scirocco R-Cup

    "Scirocco Cup Champion comes back: Willi Bergmeister

    Past champion meets current champion: at the season’s finale at Hockenheim the racer who is a living testimony to the year of 1976 will make his racing comeback in the Scirocco: Willi Bergmeister from Langenfeld, Germany. The first champion of the then Volkswagen manufacturer’s cup will compete with the group of young guns who will decide the 2010 title between themselves: the Germans Kris Heidorn and Jann-Hendrik Ubben plus the Pole Maciek Steinhof. Each one of the three aims to go down in history as the first Scirocco R-Cup Champion after the final fight.

    Bergmeister should have a prominent fan keeping his fingers crossed for him: record World Champion Michael Schumacher started his training as a car mechanic at the Bergmeister Volkswagen garage in Langenfeld in 1986, which he successfully finished three years later as a certified journeyman."
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    I do not know , nor can I find any mention of it in recent times.

    If you ever wanted to dig further . Here's two places to check (and Mr. 'Siggi' Spiess , also seems to currently still be with us. At least as of 2009 / see the section on their website "Season finale: memories and plans for the future" ). Below , I've pasted a couple of the NSU related sections from their website.

    Siegfried Spiess Motorenbau GmbH
    Dieselstrasse 11
    D - 71254 Ditzingen
    Phone +49 (0) 71 56 / 95 61 - 0
    Fax +49 (0) 71 56 / 95 61 - 11

    Apparently , beside much involvement with VW (and it seems Opel) based motorsport (llke Formula 3 , along with touring car) in contemporary times. As of 2006 , they seem to have a division putting efforts back torwards NSU prinz based cars and parts.

    (From their website , ) :


    Treasures of the past


    This year's 17th International NSU meeting held at Neckarsulm, Germany, was an emotional affair for both the visitors and the exhibitors. The crowds were wowed by the gorgeous cars, with Siegfried Spiess and his NSU TTS restored in many hours of committed detail work being right in the middle of the action.

    For the Spiess Motorenbau GmbH, the token NSU has got a very special meaning as in the middle of the 1950s, a self tuned NSU Fox was one of the first motorbikes Siggi Spiess used to secure win by win and - at the end of the day - the championship. The year 1963, when Siggi Spiess secured the German Touring Car Hillclimb Championship, however, represented the real beginning of the NSU era for Spiess. In 1965, the Sigi Spiess tuned NSU 1000 C engine with its two dual carburettors is used for the first time and secures the championship right away. From this point in time, this version of the NSU 1000 C was sold by NSU as the famous production model called TTS.

    In 1967 and 1968, Siggi Spiess also successfully represented the NSU colours. In these years, he won the Hillclimb Championships at the wheel of a works supported NSU Wankelspider.

    His love to this car and the technology lived on until today and has even been revitalised when Spiess started to again manufacture in Ditzingen some components for the NSU models of the past. The engine and car components - from rim-stars to cylinders and pistons - are extremely popular and sold nearly faster than being produced.

    The demand for Spiess-Tuning parts is immense.

    And when you meet the ex-champion presenting his gorgeous racing car, it's just a must to wallow in memories and talk shop - as it was the case in early May, in Neckarsulm."


    (Along with - this section , concerning reviving their work on the NSU Prinz based cars) :


    NSU revived by Spiess


    The three characters NSU always stood for dynamic and were closely connected to the Spiess company. In the mid-1950s, for instance, an NSU Fox featuring technical refinements designed by Spiess secured win by win. Therefore, it fits perfect in the chronology of the countless Spiess successes that the first Spiess win on four wheels was secured with an NSU Prinz II. Back in 1963, Siegfried Spiess secured the Hill-Climb Championship in the touring-car category, at the wheel of this car.

    In 2006, with more than 50 years of motor-racing history under the belt of the company now called Spiess Motorenbau GmbH, the history comes full circle. Spiess again provides several NSU parts for the customer sport. Currently, the enterprise is working on a catalogue featuring a detailed list of components that will turn the racy cars from Neckarsulm into true racing cars - components such as pistons, cylinders, shafts and far more.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    As far as the Mr. W. Bergmeister's Garage / Dealership itself , I can't find anything currently operating under his name.

    I have a feeling , that either it was never doing business under his actual name . And this (for whatever reason was the original name ) is it . Or it changed into , or was bought out by this VW , Audi , Skoda dealership :

    Autohaus Schnitzler GmbH Langenfeld
    Raiffeisenstraße 20, D-40764 Langenfeld
    Tel.: +49 (0)2173 8506-0
    Fax: +49 (0)2173 82443

    *note - look hard at the center , of the rear decklid edge on the NSU TTS in raj's 2nd photo above.
    I believe that is a Schnitzler badge ?
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    (This photo is from the "NSU - revived by Spiess" section above).
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    To finish off the Bergmeister family racing history. I will post this info. on the current Bergmeister edition of the family. As some may find is as interesting as I.

    Willy Bergmeiter's son Jorg , currently races a Porsche-Riley for Flying Lizard Motorsports. In which , just recently, he set a qualifying lap record . And captured the pole starting position , at the 49th Rolex 24hr. at Daytona (1:40.099 / 128.033 mph).

    I didn't watch the race , but from checking . Unfortunately for Jorg & Flying Lizard Motorsports, I do not believe Jorg finished the event.

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    I believe the car caught fire and burned ........DNF , in the early morning hours quite late in the race.

    Beautiful car and splendid drive as long as they weren't in flames.......

    Too bad, as the Lizards are a favorite anywhere they go.
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    Love the sounds of a TT...

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    I was looking at some other things , and came across this NSU stuff .

    Another NSU dealer and tuner (one which some might be familiar with) :

    First photo: 1968 / Corbeil-Essonnes (near Paris) , 2nd: 1300cc / 130cv
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    Here's more on Meznarie / NSU.

    A French article about group 2 NSU , using a Meznarie sponsored car as the example. This is the car of L. Meznarie's sponsored NSU driver Jean-Claude Boucher (of interest , the text is wriiten by a fairly well known rally pilot Pierre Pagani) :
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