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Thread: Raj's "ST"

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    Raj's "ST"


    Would you be kind enough to share with us the orange "ST" that you have. I am most interested in it's interesting history. I would really like to see pictures, especially of the chassis number. Thanks.


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    Don - Why would you post this? Are you tring to draw some similarities between the history of the Milestone car and this car? This seems passive/aggressive at best and doesn't paint you in a positive light.
    This particular S/T / mongrel has reams of documentation and a very interesting history that is quite well supported. Your milestone car was a roller that had no documentation or records and it's one piece of verification withdrawn - Not the same scenario at all.

    I remember reading about that S/T a while back but didn't know you acquired it Raj. Very interesting piece of Porsche history - congrats!

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    Several posts critical of this nonsense by Rennman have been deleted. How/why was this done? Can the original poster delete specific comments? Here is my original comment:

    This reminds me why I stopped coming to this board. What bullsh*it, Rennman. I don't know Raj, but he has always seemed very forthcoming with information. Rennman, not so much--unless he's selling something.

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    If Rennman remains true to form I'm sure this thread will disappear just like so many others that reveal his true character. I notice that someone is already deleting specific comments on this thread. Shameful.

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    I deleted the posts before my "We'll see where this goes friends"...... because it didn't move Don's question and Raj's informative answers any further.

    It seems Raj has answered Don's argumentative question with informative civility...

    If Don's pulls it, it's on him.

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    Always good to read the Message Board Disclaimer at the bottom of this discussion board before posting...and recognize that objectionable messages can be removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varunan123 View Post
    I don't take any offense to Don's questions.If there is information that is lacking that people would like to know about this car please post-not limited to don.Also,if the authenticity of the car is in question just post.I should be able to separate myself from my car.At the end of the day,the car's history is what it is,it is the discovery that is important to me.The real dissapointment for me is that up to this point i have not been able to get much info as to what it did at the factory for the 18 months ,at worst it did nothing and sat there.

    what the hell it's just a can i get offended at that?

    Well said, Raj. Even - absurdly enough - for guys like me who don't earn my living from these cars, and will hopefully never have to sell mine, it's easy to get caught up in how important or special my car is and to forget there's a distinction between our cars and ourselves.

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    The word I got is that that Jurgen Barth has twice shown interest in buying the car!

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    I started this thread to prove a point. People in glass houses... Word has been this car is "questionable" at best. Lets see the Kardex and pictures of the chassis numbers. Reed the threads were pulled because they got personal. Tom and Raj have made it a passtime here to take threads too far regarding my cars (and other's as well) and get personal which is against the forum rules and is total bulls-it. (Chuck seems to let this go on.) If you knew me and my cars firsthand you might understand that. Cheers.

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    Sorry Don, but what a bunch of childish nonsense
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