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Thread: Light Yellow ST in Progress

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    Light Yellow ST in Progress

    In this economy, a guy needs to question whether building a project makes sense or not. I have struggled with this question over the last year or so in contemplating building a Light Yellow ST like the Toad Hall cars of 72. I have loved this color for many years and have owned 3 different LY cars over the past 20 years. Recently I decided to sell to a fellow enthusiast my accumulation of ST parts and a 72 LY car I had acquired in 08 because I decided it just didn't make sense to do another ST project. The decision was a combination of too many cars, the lousy economy, and the time commitment it would take to complete such a project (while still working to finish the Kremer ST project). Maybe it was time to just drive and enjoy the cars I have and spend time doing other things in life (work horses more, travel, build a custom rifle).

    So that was my path until I stumbled onto a pair of real ST rear flares on a 67 912 at a wrecking yard, a car I had walked past for 2-3 years assuming the flares were fiber glass like the fronts. After getting them cutoff the car, I pondered just selling them or putting them aside, but I hadn't rid my brain of that LY ST project (3-4 years in planning). So I started cruising web sites looking for a 72 911 coupe that would be a good candidate just for kicks, not really admitting I would really start down this path again. Well, I found a car in Ohio that fit the bill pretty well, and I came to grips with the decision of spending funds to begin the ST project odyssey again. Since the engine and many parts were disassembled from the car, I decided to take my flat trailer (rather than have a hauler bring it to AZ) and bring it back....1830 miles each way. Six days of driving (a lot of time to question the decision) because I found a pair of real ST flares...

    Maybe others have been similarly influenced to start down a project path by finding a special part, barn find car/roller, period engine, or a stash of records accompanying a deserted project that simply couldn't be ignored. I am posting this thread to encourage you to go for that special is short, and if the passion embers flame up when you stumble onto something special, like Nike says...'Just Do It'.

    There is something special about this stage of a when you meet that special gal for the first time and the heart flutters. Things about her that may later turn out to be unpleasant are overlooked or diminished. This car, stripped of parts and paint with old primer protecting the surface from rust for more than 20 years (and non-original fenders) was going to become an RSR. (It came with GT Racing fiber glass rear bumper). It will now be reborn as a Light Yellow ST.
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    The build process is a fun and sometimes trying experience but the end result is always worth it in the end. By the way, thanks for selling me your other 72 ST project. I will do it right. Gib, I couldn't think of a better person to bring your new 72 back to life and what's better than a 72 ST!? Those flares look spot on.
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    Don't you just hate it when some special parts come across your radar screen.

    I am still amazed at the small bits that can morph themselves into a slippery slope.

    Glad to see you still have the passion, good building!!

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    Gib, a lot of people will be following this with great interest. If it turns out anything like your other projects I say Do It. Keep us posted.
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    Thanks for the encouragement, guys, I will need it to finish this the right way. The car had 58k miles on it when it was taken off the road. It had factory AC and sun roof...both of which I will remove (both complete in good cond., if anyone is interested in the parts, send me a note.) It was also a sportomatic, so it has an interesting looking panel in the engine bay to house a vacuum cannister (I think), which will be removed. Here are more pics.
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    More pics.
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    Not much of the Sporto stuff is remaining. The tranny is gone, as is the different throttle body on the drivers side for the MFI. The car had been converted to a 5 speed tranny at some point and the TBs were changed to stock MFI. The only remaining items appear to be the oil tank, vacuum canister, and small oil line. The cannister seems to be in excellent condition on the outside, and I will remove it and try to see overall condition.

    The oil tank appears to be the same size as standard, with the only difference apparent is the small hard oil line coming off the bottom of the tank and running along the frame toward the rear. I don't know what it attached to...must have been something mounted behind the wheel as there doesn't appear to be any opening in the frame for a connection. It probably fed back into the sporto tranny at some point. The Sporto experts will know where it goes. I will examine the oil tank more when I remove it for cleaning and reconditioning.
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    Thanks for the links, I went to Pelican and found some more info on the Sporto tank. It is the same size as the standard tank, but since oil is fed to the Sporto torque converter (about 1 qt capacity, not same oil as tranny uses), more oil is needed in the system since the torque converter and engine use the same oil. There is a second oil pump driven off the driver's side MFI cam drive to move oil from that hard oil line coming from the bottom of the tank through the torque converter, and then back to the oil feed line to the engine...(or vice versa...not sure which direction the oil is going.)

    There apparently were different Sporto tank configurations over the years and the 72 is unique as expected. It has the one fitting at the bottom for the hard oil line shown in my earlier pic.
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    Gib Bosworth
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    Hi Gib, it's going to be yet another fantastic project, can't wait to see it progress!
    You're a lucky man to have Edy give you permission to go for it.....

    beat regards.
    cheers, Mike
    1972 911 S/RSR to Martini Prototype specification

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    what are the engine plans?
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